Somaliland: Jubbaland Administration Receives Diaspora Support


Somalilandsun – Jubbaland Diaspora Association supports the people, Parliament and the President of Jubbaland’s decision to condemn the unconstitutional Motion presented by the few Federal Parliamentarians known their relentless efforts to stop the formation of the Federal Governance System, Somali People thought a perfect solution since the Centralized Governance System before 1991 was the cause of the Somali Civil War.

We also stand with the President of Jubbaland Ahmed Mohamed Islam’s speech to condemn the motion presented by so-called spoilers who are always working tirelessly to disrupt the 2016 Vision and the completion of the Federal States.

Now, the Jubbaland Diaspora Association of MN:

1. We acknowledge that President Ahmed Mohamed Islaam’s Jubbaland policy was and is still based on a genuine reconciliation between all communities that inhabit the Jubbaland Regions.

2. We clarify that the President Islaam’s decision was based on rejecting the political extortion practiced spoilers intended to interrupt the Federal System that Somali People choose in order to avoid the repetition of the 1991 disaster caused by the civil war.

3. We support the Jubbaland President’s decision to allow all Jubbaland communities to solve their differences without outside interference and/or outside political pressure.

4. We stand with the President sending a clear message to the President of Somali Federal Government and the Speaker of the house to carefully examine the orchestrated motion intended to eradicate the peace and prosperity of the region obtained since the reconciliation process started.

Then, if the unconstitutional motion continues:

1. We urge that Jubbaland Administration, Parliament and the people of Jubbaland to work closely with Puntland, other administration or even Somaliland instead of Jubbaland wasting their efforts into unending political wrangling coming from Mogadisho.

2. We realized that the current motion against Jubbaland Parliament in Mogadisho proved that there is luck of commitment to move forward from the Capital City as expected by all Somalis around the world.

3. And finally, we encourage all Somalis to conduct a genuine reconciliation meeting that takes place outside the Capital City since the illegal motion against Jubbaland proved the existence of the 1991 hostility which is visible through the motion orchestrated by those that prefer Kismaayo City or any other Cities in Jubbaland State or other regions in Somalia to go back their infamous nickname ‘ghost-city’ inherited from the lawless Civil War that started 25 years ago in Somalia .

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