Somaliland: Join Novelist Nadifa Mohamed for an Intergenerational Talk at HIBF Day 3


At HIBF 2015 Day 3 L R Somaliland First Lady Amina Mohamed Jirde Jude Kelly founder of Women of the World festival movement And acclaimed British novelist of Somaliland heritage Nadifa Mohamed

Somalilandsun – After fruitful engagements in Day one and Two at the Hargeisa International Book Fair –HIBF participants will on day 3 engaged in various discussion and activities like Poetry reading, Panel Discussions on the 2015 Guest Country Nigeria, Introduction of New Books by writers from Regional Book clubs and examination of the poetic life and times of Elmi Bodhari.

Others will include conversations with writers Hannah Pool and Okey Mdibe author s of “My Fathers’ Daughter”, and Arrows of Rain respectively among the others.

To Spruce HIBF 2015 with a Keynote address shall be the Somaliland First Lady Amina Mohamed Jirde ‘Amina Weris’ vocal

Proponent on women’s issues in Somaliland and former Deputy of Head of the Refugee Council in the UK. Followed with closing remarks by Jude Kelly, Artistic Director of Southbank Centre, London, and founder of the WOW – Women of the World festival movement.

Though many other events and activities are for the palate to be initiated at 8/30am by an “Intergeneration Talk : Carving Spaces for the Next Generation- Girls, future and Leadership” in which Hibo Jama will be in conversation with Nadifa Mohamed, an acclaimed British novelist of Somaliland heritage; Muna Ahmed Omar,a young female writer, Hawo Jama Abdi, a young female poet and a disability rights activist who was born blind; and Yasmin M. Kahin, playwright, and a poet will jointly explore generational changes in women’s writing, the importance of controlling one’s own narrative and the importance of role models in inspiring the next generation of leaders.


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