Somaliland: It’s Despicable Beating a Youth Half to Death MP Hoog tells MP Kijandhe

It’s Despicable Beating a Youth Half to Death MP Hoog tells MP Kijandhe -inset

Somalilandsun: A young car tyre repairer is battling for his life following a thorough beating by a member of the Somaliland House of Representative Ahmed Kijandhe

According to MP Abdirahman Hoog a colleague of Kijandhe at the August house “This is a despicable act by a national leader and parliament should instigate legal proceedings”

Narrating the incident to Somalilandsun Hon Hoog Vocal member of the Somaliland House of Representative revealed “Earlier today, a member of the House of Assembly a Hon. Kijandhe was involved in an ugly incident whereby he beat up a youth leaving him for dead.”

According to residents the young man had just finished repairing the MP’s vehicle after which he demanded payment. The young man asked the parliamentarian to pay up since he had on several occasions defaulted on payment at that juncture without any provocation whatsoever the rude MP alighted from his car and slapped the helpless puncture repairer. The youth had no other option but to slap back.

Hon.Hoog went on to say “I went to the location of the altercation which is located near the ministry of transport. The rogue MP also has a supermarket just adjacent to the ministry. When the local residents identified me as an MP they told me that the unrepentant lawmaker went to look for reinforcement of his supporters. They beat up the young man severely leaving for dead. The puncture repairer is now admitted at Hargeisa Group Hospital. He is in comatose.”

Politician Hon.Hoog reprimanded his colleague Ahmed Kijandhe “You are blessed by God. You are a wealthy individual why do you beat a poor boy for only 3000 Somaliland shillings.”

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The MP called on parliamentarians to be accountable to the people. He asked the house disciplinary committee to hold the rogue MP liable for prosecution.  He said that the MP should be held responsible for his action. He said that the MP should not go round beating up innocent civilians in the proxy that he is a ruling party Kulmiye member.

Car tyre repair employs hundreds of young men in Somaliland

“I call for the House to revoke his immunity from prosecution, I shall be the first MP to vote for this bill should it be brought in the House.” Hon.Hoog stated.

In conclusion the fiery MP reiterated his call for legal actions against MP Kijandhe stating that “With the youthful victim currently battling for his life in hospital the standing offence is attempted murder but if things get worse so will the charges against Kijandhe.

Abdirahman Hoog is a senior member of the opposition Wadani while MP Kijandhe is not only from Kulmiye party but a member of the ruling party’s 4th national conference organizing committee.

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