Somaliland: It’s Certainly too Late but my Friend Ahmed Needs Your Sympathy


Northern civilains are lined up to face a firing by Siad Barres army in Mogadishu in the 1980s/file

Somalilandsun – He lost his father, his uncle and his beloved cousin. Ahmed family aren’t the only one who faced this cruelty but people of Somalland went through a heinous massacre during the 1980’s every single family lost a loving ones and 200,000 people were buried in mass graves.

When Somalians will sympathize with him? when they will borrow his feelings to observe and show empathy?

It was only 5 years ago when the genocider, Maslah entered the presidential race of Somalia; he managed to gather the second most votes in the first two rounds. He surprisingly progressed in to the final round competing with the initial favourite of the race, Sharif Ahmed. Mr. Maslah managed to become the presidential runner-up by securing 126 votes of the original parliamentary members whilst Mr. Sharif secured the majority of his votes from the newly-added members of the ARS group. In another words if ARS group weren’t added the parliament, Maslah would’ve won the election by winning 123 votes, while Sharif received 98 votes of the original parliament.

Again When Ali Samatar case was taken to the Supreme court of USA, the so called Somali Gov wrote a letter to Obama asking his to grant Ali Samatar “Immunity”

My purpose here isn’t to blame for Somalians for the horrible atrocities against my fellow citizens.

We all know that all Somali people suffered during the era of the Siads regime and Before Somalialnd persecution, Puntland Community suffered painful persecution. True the scale of destruction inflicted on Somaliland community was much higher compare to other communities. The responsibility of the crimes committed against the people of Somaliland remains with Siad Barre regime abetted by leaders from all clans and regions of Somalia.

Yesterday, my friend Ahmed felt almost happy when he heard the arrival of a forensics team but upon seeing the comment field on Aljazeera English of this news and the denial reaction of Somalians, he became very disappointed.

When Ahmed came across hundreds of comments by Somalians in most probability a pseudo, by defending and praising those who the people of Somaliland with justice regard as war criminals

My friend Ahmed asked me”why Somalians promoting hatred by seeking to defend the highest commanders during the genocide committed by the Siad Barre army against the Somalilanders in the 1980’s”

He Added “why Somalians are attempting to rewrite the Somali history by by regarding the war criminal as a hero who defended the unity of the Somali nation”

Ahmed is wondering if Somalians are victims of Stockholm Syndrome by licking their wounds and having positive feelings toward the abusers like General Mohamed Ali Samater who personally laid down the strategic military plan for the air and artillery bombardments that flattened Hargeisa; General Mohamed Hashi ( Gani) who started the military operation against the civilian population in the north; General Mohamed Saeed (Morgan) who massacred tens of thousands of civilians in Hargeisa and other major cities; General Anjah, who massacred 46 Issaq intellectuals in the Jezzera beach, near Mogadishu and Col. Farah Afweyneh, who massacred 28 labourers at Mogadishu harbour, shutting them off in a single container, amid the blazing summer temperatures.

“I’m happy with my ethnicity, by ethnicity I’m Somali like Djiboutians, Somalinimo is ethnicity, or ethnic identity, but I’m very much proud my nationality as a Somalilander.” Ahmed told me.

By: Sam Dualeh!/Samdualeh