Somaliland: Chairman Bihi Trying to Save his Kulmiye Charter Burying Party


Musa Bihi

Somalilandsun – Kulmiye or the ruling Solidarity political party draws mainly its support from a wide range of Different constituencies: Eastern Burao, Northern and Western Hargeisa, Awdal Region, and to some lesser extend from Sool

The composition or the makeup of its base support sets Kulmiye apart from the rest of the political parties whose main support comes solely from a single homogeneous constituency – a fact that would hinder their ambitions and keep them in the sidelines for a long time if concrete steps of attracting other constituencies are not undertaken. In fact, one might argue here that they are actually the same dish but in two different plates.

The Kulmiye coalition worked well for the party so far and succeeded in putting the party on the driving seat in the last general election. Also it will continue to keep the throne of Somaliland in their hands so long as its fabric is not disturbed and TIGHTLY held together by the involved parties.

This unique alliance constitutes almost two third of Somaliland’s population, and there is no doubt that none would be able to overcome its force in the current political landscape of Somaliland if the established pattern of powering sharing among the constituency leaders in the party is honored and respected.

Despite all this, there is an unfortunate internal feud within Kulmiye for some time now. Silanyo, Sayli, and Muse who represent the core constituencies of Kulmiye have been battling in public to draw sympathy and support to their side – being Muse on one court and Silanyo plus Sayli on the other court.

The Chairman deserves to be applauded for his stand of protecting the rule of law. He

has been patient and tolerant in the Kulmiye arena for so long, but on Jan 22, 2014 he surprised everyone by being bold and precise in articulating the real culprits of this nuisance in a press conference at his office; a group of cabinet members who are meddling in the party leadership affairs and the President and his Vice not only avoiding to confront them but they also chose to join them to flame the fire by appointing an ad hoc committee that mainly made up of cabinet members for resolving this impasse. That is an insult to intelligence.

It is a shame that the Charter of Kulmiye has been reduced just to be words on papers.

The ball is in your court Mr. Hon president, and the most important step is not to let yourself or your cabinet members disregard the rules and regulations just to accommodate the interest of a few individuals.

Please be bold and precise like the Chairman, Mr. Muse. As of now, there is no an alternative to the Kulmiye Dynasty in the horizon, and the Chairman, Mr. Muse, is next in the succession. So far, you did not respond to the million dollar question: Will you be voting for him?

Remember “a habit abandoned prompts a curse of God”

Ahmed J Yassin

Jacksonville, Fl