Somaliland: “Its Absurd for Somalia to be Fixated in our Country Continuously” Eng Hussein Deyr


Retorts the Somaliland presidential spokesperson after the government in Mogadishu terms the parliamentary approval of a military base in Berbera Somaliland as illegal and unconstitutional

Somaliland presidential spokes person Hussein Aden Eggeh Deyr

By: Omar Mohamed Farah
Somalilandsun- The Somaliland government has refuted so called ridiculous accusation from Somalia’s auditor general, who had condemned the award of a foreign Military base in Berbera, following an agreement between the two governments of Somaliland republic and United Arab Emirates.
The Somalia Federal government auditor general Nur Farah, speaking to media in Mogadishu on Tuesday, had said that the military base in the port town of Berbera, is illegal while stressing that the UAE had infringed Somalia’s territory
Pointing out that this agreement between Somaliland and UAE is completely unlawful the Somalia AG went on to allege that the base will escalate insecurity in Somaliland and Somalia as whole.
According to the presidential spokes person, Hussein Aden Eggeh (Deyr), Somaliland government has negated the accusation from Somali government, asserting that in contrary Somalia’s authority is engaged in attempts to create insecurity in Somaliland through interference of its internal affairs.
In a press statement issued from the presidency in Hargeisa , Eng Hussein Deyr Urged Somalia, desist from regular interferences In Somaliland’s affairs, geared towards hindering any meaningful development while warning that if Somalia does not stop its infringements it would lead to new regional conflicts
“The military base in Berbera which Somaliland has signed with UAE does not concern Somalia and Mogadishu wouldn’t be asked anything on the issue” while notifying the UN, AU, EU, Arab league, and US, will not change an iota of facts on the ground, since the parliament is supreme body in Somaliland” said Eng Hussein Deys adding that the UAE base issue is just a camouflage since Somalia is organizing conspiracy actions intended to demolish Somaliland’s peaceful co-existence and security which can lead the region to protracted hostility,
In conclusion the presidential spokesperson emphasized that Somaliland will is not and will never a regional administration under the Federal Somali government “ adding that the non recognition of his country’s sovereignty internationally should not be misconstrued
Though Somaliland a former British protectorate withdrew from its 1960 voluntary later turned fateful union with Somalia, the former Italian colony 25 years ago its sovereignty remains unrecognized internationally.
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Titled Somaliland: “The Award of a Military Base to the UAE in Berbera is Illegal, Corrupt and Shall never Be” Says Somalia Auditor General