Somaliland: “It is unfortunate that the Electoral Law has No Quota for women and minorities” MP Tukale

MP Abdiqadir Jibril Tukale

Somalilandsun:  The constitution of Somaliland is not written in concrete thus avenues for amendments and rectification of any relevant clauses is open within parliament.

This was stated by MP Abdiqadir Jibril Tukale who represents Awdal region in the  house of representatives, the lower chamber of the two tier Somaliland parliament during a briefing to Geeska Afrika our sister paper  in Hargeisa

The sentiments by the legislator were in reaction to the recent failure by the August house in passing a bill as a supplement in the electoral laws that allows a quota for women and minority clan’s representation in parliament and local councils in the country.

Stating that Somaliland belongs to all its citizens in an equal footing regardless of gender or clan MP Tukale  said that it was imperative that thus equality which is touted now and then be actualized by ensuring that the rights of  Women and Minority communities  be made possible at all levels of public life.

“while our  country is touted as a bastion of democracy in the Horn region and Africa at large, it is a shame that we only have one woman member of parliament and no minority clan’s representation” said the legislator adding that this calls for an urgent and compulsory need to  amended the constitution thus  supplement existing election laws.

For the uptenth the House of Representatives failed to approve a women and minority clan’s quota bill that would have allowed for the targeted groups automatic access to a number of seats in the House of Representatives, Guurti the upper chamber as well as in local councils nationwide.

According to the MP the prevalent statuses that facilitate for an almost all male and devoid of minority clan’s legislators and councillors is not fair and demeans the democratisation accolades the international community accords Somaliland.

Stressing that thus inequality is also prevalent in relation to share of elective seats in the two chambers of the national Parliament in which clan’s from the east and west of the country are under represented the MP quipped  that the title of Somaliland as a bastion of democracy was thus nothing but an allusion.

In conclusion MP Abdiqadir Jibril Tukale said that with the failure of the women and minority clan’s quota bill and the inequality in representation makes the holding of Parliamentary and local council’s elections not only impossible but illegal as well, unless the constitution is ammended.