Somaliland: It is Time to Finally Avail Minority Clans Positions and Representation in the Country’s Decision Making Process” Demands VOSOMWO

VOSOMWO says its time for minority clans inclusion in the Somaliland decison making process-file photo

Somailandsun: The Voice of Somaliland Minority Women Organization-VOSOMWO, a local non-governmental organization that has been advocating for the rights minority communities (Gabooye) for the last 20 years urge the President of the Republic of Somaliland Mr. Muse

Bihi Abdi and the leaders of the two official opposition political organizations to come up with a solution so that minority communities could get representation in Somaliland’s decision-making platforms

Vosomwo continues to advocate for the rights of the Gaboye clan on all fronts, and calls on the President of the Republic of Somaliland and the Government to include Gaboye clans in all government departments, cabinet and as heads of ministerial departments.

Vosomwo strongly opposes the holding of the upcoming elections, without recognize the right to political participation of the minority communities.

Therefore, Vosomwo issues a five point proposition below listed

1: Gaboye clan Political aspirant should enjoy the same privileges and criteria of electing parliamentarians from the eastern Somaliland region of Sool  known as Is-hambarka.(Selection)

2: We call upon the President of the Republic of Somaliland, House of Representatives and the leaders of the three national political parties (KULMIYE, WADDANI and UCID) to add their voice in supporting quota allocated for minorities and avoid any hindrance or challenges that may undermine the minority communities’ aspirations.

3: Somaliland major  clans  have always complained about the equal distribution of seats in the national assemblies, yet the Gaboye clans are the ones who are absent from all forms of political representation in the country thence our plea to all concerned parties to accord special attention to the Gaboyoe clans rights .

4:.We call on the President of the Republic of Somaliland and his Government to give the Gaboye clan their due rights in all aspects of government be it in the Council of Cabinet Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Directors General and Heads of Independent Public Institutions.

5: Equal distribution of education Scholarship to Gaboye Clans student’s s, and Include Individuals from Each Group

.Allaa Mahad leh.

Hibaaq Ahmed Hasan

Acting Chairperson of Vosomwo

HargeIsa Somaliland.

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