Somaliland: “It is time Somalia’s Leadership and the IC accept “the Reality of two Independent Nations- Somalia and Somaliland.”

Somaliland: “It is time Somalia’s Leadership and the IC accept “the Reality of two Independent Mations- Somalia and Somaliland.”

Somalilandsdun: Somaliland President Muse Bihi is urging the international community to hand the country recognition and have it admitted to the United Nations.

Bihi says his country has done everything expected of an independent state since parting way with Somalia 29 years ago after the start of the civil war in the country following the dethroning of the Siad Barre regime.

in the meantime neighbouring Somalia which claims jurisidicational authority over the Republic of Somaliland has pledged to protect the alleged gretaer somalia from the UAE government whose DP World global enabler firm has a 30 year contract to manage the Somaliland port of Berbera.

But according to president Bihi “Since Somaliland announced its independence from Somalia, we have done everything that we could to earn recognition. We rule in a democracy, we have peaceful and functioning institutions, and economically we are not a burden to the world, yet we have no recognition and did not see anyone saying we do not deserve it,” Bihi said.

“It is time Somalia’s leadership and the international community to accept “the reality of two independent nations- Somalia and Somaliland.”

Somaliland, a former British protectorate, broke away from Somalia in 1991 and has continued its effort to be a separate country ever since, but it has not been internationally recognized.

The Somalia Federal government-FGS in Mogadishu, however, wants the country’s northern territory (Somaliland) to be part of a single Somali state.

In an interview with the Voice of America, Somalia Service President Bihi accused the Somalia leadership in Mogadishu of being the biggest stumbling block in their quest for self-determination.

For  Somaliland which withdrew from its 1960 voluntary later turned fateful union with Somalia  three decades ago its quest for recognition which remains in limbo has not deterred its authorities from pursuing international investments as exemplified by the one it entered with the United Arab Emirates in which DP World a firm owned by the Emiratis was granted a $420m thirty year contract to managed and develop the port of Berbera.

But to the  FGS  the company’s investments in the ports of Berbera and Bossaso in Somaliland and Puntland are illegal.

This claim against DP World was made by Somalia’s Foreign Minister Mr. Issa Awed, during  an exclusive interview with Al-Arabiya TV, adding that DP World has endangered the unity of Somalia and that it has violated our country’s laws.

Minister Ahmed Issa Awed said the federal government has been patient with the company on several occasions, but now the government is ready to defend the country from DP World.

“DP-world has hurt us, endangered the unity of our country, and has not yet stopped interfering with it. We are patient, and patience is limited; We are ready to defend our country, just like everyone else, ”Awed said.

The government of Somaliland was swift in its reaction through a statement issued by the ministry of foreign in Hargeisa which reiterated that  the Federal Government of Somalia has nothing to do with the DP World Contract for Berbera Port Management adding that

Quote”The Republic of Somaliland regrets the statements made by the Somali Foreign Minister, which included attempts by Somalia to distort the distinguished brotherly relations between the Somaliland Republic and the sisterly United Arab Emirates.

Somalia which is a failed country has tried hard to be a stumbling block while at the same time politicizing development projects and investment projects that the United Arab Emirates is carrying out in Somaliland, which cannot be successful, and we note that such acts will increase the level of hostility and hatred between Somaliland and Somalia.

The Somaliland Republic is an independent republic and there are no relations between it and Somalia at the present time be it agreement or discussions between them as long as the administration in Mogadishu is not responsible and at the same time not serious in entering in constructive talks with Somaliland to disengage them.

The Somaliland Republic expressly declares to the sisterly United Arab Emirates and all the member states of the League of Nations, Arabia and the whole world that the independence of the Somaliland Republic is an irreversible decision and that the people of the Somaliland Republic are ready to continue their struggle and achieve the just fate of their cause, no matter how much it costs them, no matter how long it takes.Unquote

Despite all, as long as Farmajo is president of Somalia relations between the two will remain very bitter even with the intervention of Ethiopia’s PM Abiy Ahmed who wants to resuscitate the stalled internationally sanctioned talks between Somaliland and Somalia.