Somaliland isn’t a Haven for Terrorist , Government Tells Ethiopia’s Zone 5 Somali Administrative Region President


Somalilandsun-The government of Somaliland has termed as malicious sentiments coming out of the mouth of Ethiopia’s zone five governor Mr.Mustafa Muhumed Agjar entirely libelous.
The governor of Somali region of Ethiopia claimed that terror groups are regrouping inside Somaliland and plotting to attack Ethiopia. He went further to say that the remnants of former
governor Mr.Abdi Iley are the ones initiating the plot.

The zone five governor Mustafa A’agjar went on to claim “We have some people being harbored in neighboring countries such Somaliland, Puntland and Jubaland in cahoots with Alshabab are planning to wreak havoc using explosives to raid Ethiopia. We are working with Interpol to make sure that those plotting this heinous crime are captured and brought to book.”

He added that the people who looted money from the poor people of zone five have found safe havens elsewhere and are planning to disturb the peace of Ethiopia.

L-R FM Faraton Tells Ethiopia’s Somali Zone 5 Region that Somaliland is not a Terrorist haven


Somaliland’s minister of foreign affairs Mr.Yassin Haji Mohammud Faraton speaking from Nairobi the Kenyan capital called the sentiment utter rubbish and a ploy by the zone five governor to court for attention.
The minister who was speaking to Bulsho television he had these to say “The international community knows Somaliland very well and it is not a place where terrorists can hide. In the 27 years Somaliland has been independent only once did a terror attack happen in her territory and the plotters were from Somalia, so we don’t understand the intention of the invisible governor seeking cheap publicity by dragging the good reputable of Somaliland into the muck.”

When asked if the government of Somaliland has sent an official complaint letter to her Ethiopian counterpart pertaining the mud smearing campaign by the irresponsible governor he said they have sent letters and word to concerned officials.