Somaliland: Islamic Relief to step up water resource efforts in the country


By M.A. Egge
Somalilandsun- The Chief Executive Officer of the Islamic Relief Worldwide Mr. Nasir Haghamed has pledged that he would do all to his utmost best to see to it that the borehole drilling projects in the country is bolstered.
The IRW top boss gave the pledge shortly after paying a courtesy call to the President H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamoud Silanyo at the Presidency yesterday.
The IR Chief who was accompanied by his local country director, the project manager and a top engineer said that his organization was currently indulged in the drilling of 18 boreholes in the country.
He said that he discussed with the President the plight of the people during this trying moment whereby a spate of severe drought has gripped the country causing famine. He expressed his prayers of good tidings to the people of Somaliland in the future endeavours.
While he reiterated his organization’s commitments to its aspirations, he pledged its total support to continue the efforts they are doing hence described the project as the largest one they are indulged in.
He said that he would personally try his utmost best to seek further funding such that the efforts on the project may be stepped up hence future droughts could be put in check by having already put in place abundant resources of water through more drillings of boreholes.
While introducing the IR officials after the meeting, the Presidential spokesman Eng. Hussein Adam Egeh further expounded that the IR chief praised the efforts of the President and the government for having mobilized and marshalling relief efforts to alleviate the dire needs of the populace hit so hard by the natural catastrophe.
He said that present at the meeting was the Presidency minister Hon. Mohamoud Hashi Abdi, Health minister Hon. Suleiman Isse Hagletossie and the DG of the water ministry.
The IRW is currently undertaking different projects in around 31 countries in Asia, Africa and Europe, spanning from the Far East in Philippines to the West African country of Niger.
Bosnia, Herzegovina, Kosovo and the Russian Federation are parts of the European Continent they are working in.

Naser was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW) in April 2016. Since joining IRW 23 years ago, Naser has worked in numerous leadership roles, including as Director of International Programmes and as the Operations Director of the Islamic Relief Academy.
Naser has over 25 years of expertise in both the private and third sector, running company-wide operational functions, leading complex projects from inception to successful completion and making sound strategic decisions. Naser has also served on the boards of various private and third sector organisations.
As a successful leader, mentor and negotiator, Naser has travelled across 35 countries, is fluent in three languages and has rich experience in dealing with people of different ages, cultures and backgrounds.
Naser obtained an Executive MBA with Distinction from Aston University in 2016.

Islamic Relief Worldwide was established in 1984 by Dr Hany El-Banna and fellow students from the University of Birmingham in the UK in response to the famine in Africa. Launching an appeal, they went door to door and from mosque to mosque asking for money, and this paid for food for people affected by the famine.
In 1985, Islamic Relief’s began its first project – sponsoring a chicken farm in Sudan. That same year, its founders hired a small office in Mosely, in Birmingham, and from there raised £100,000 for the famine response.
Islamic Relief grew at a rapid rate, and over the next five years, started working in Mozambique, Iran, Pakistan, Malawi, Iraq, and Afghanistan, among others, responding to emergencies and distributing clothes, food, offering health support and beginning the long-term project that is now our One-to-One Orphan Sponsorship programme.
Today, Islamic Relief is a truly global organisation, working in more than 40 countries providing emergency aid, carrying out long-term development, and campaigning for change.
Their headquarters are based in Digbeth, in Birmingham, UK, but they have offices in countries including Bangladesh, USA, Germany, Iraq, Lebanon, Sweden, Australia, Malaysia, South Africa, and Mali.
They are signatories of the Red Cross Code of Conduct, an international standard on working with people affected by emergencies in a non-biased manner, and we have acquired NGO status with the UN’s Economic and Social Council. They have signed a Framework Partnership was signed with the European Commission Humanitarian Aid department, and a partnership agreement with UNHCR that reaffirmed both organisations’ principles of giving aid without discrimination.
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