Somaliland: Bolstering Relations with Djibouti


Somaliland and Djibouti officials at a post meeting photo at the presidency in Hargeisa

By M.A. Egge
Somalilandsun- The Djibouti Interior Minister Hassan Omar Mohammed Burhan has revealed that the results of this government’s official visit in Somaliland over the week will be witnessed soon in the bolstering of bilateral relations between the neighbourly countries.
“We came here on a working visit”, he said at the airport upon the departure of the Djibouti delegation.
“We have met the President and have had talks with both the Interior and Foreign Minister” added Burhan.
“We focused mainly on development and peaceful stability hence the results of the talks will be heard and seen soon”, he revealed.
The minister who led a top Djibouti security delegation which included the Djibouti Police Chief and various security commanders was in the country for two days official working visit.
Upon his arrival Burhan joked at the airport that he was an Afar and that his Somali language should be excused if it had any flaws.
Amongst his delegation was the head of immigration and that of anti-terrorist unit and also his personal adviser.
To see them off was his SL counterpart Hon. Yasin M. Hiir Faraton who was flanked by the Finance and Youth Ministers, the Police Chief and SL representative to Djibouti.
Hon. Faraton echoed his counterpart’s words saying that they had fruitful meetings that will be succeeded by others in the future.
He thanked the visitors for their brief sojourn in the country hence said that both countries will step up bilateral relations.