Somaliland: Islamic Golden Book on Marriage, Family, and Sexual Ethics.


Somalilandsun – The last and final edition of “Islamic Golden Book” that details Marriage, Family, and Sexual Ethics in Islam published on September 1, 2015 is out and in the market.

Islamic Golden Book is a book that discusses marriage, family, and sexual ethics based on Islam. It has been written for Muslim marriage seekers and families living in the Western World as well as other parts of the world to preserve and protect their Islamic values on marriage, family, and sexual ethics. The book is a timeless treasure for marriage seekers and married people.

According to its author Ibrahim G. Hassan the “Islamic Golden Book” is a complete Islamic guide to successful marriage and family based on righteousness, love, and joy.

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About the Author

THE AUTHOR Ibrahim Gagale Hassan has been news article writer, both in English Language and in his native Somali language. For more Ibrahim G Hassanthan 15 years, Ibrahim worked with Portland Public Schools in the State of Maine. He particularly worked with Somali Refugee children as well as other children of immigrant community in the City. He graduated from Lafole College of Education in Somalia (at Afgoi near Mogadishu) and from the University of Southern Maine, USA, majoring in English in both schools. Ibrahim partly grew up in Aden of Yemen where he had Islamic Studies in the 1960s.

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