Somaliland: Is the Country Ripe for International Recognition?


Africa today program panel Abdiaziz Hildibaan Henry Bonsu Eid Hasan Muse and inset Prof Abdi

Somaliland sun – Though it is a beacon of stability in the Horn of Africa with a functioning democratic process resulting in several free fair elections and a vibrant economy Somaliland wants to be recognized officially as an independent state thus finally breaking the chain with Somalia.
It took a brutal war and the fall of dictator Siyad Bare but when she declared independence from Somalia in 1991 it had to win official international recognition but despite two decades of stability and self-reliance Somaliland says its 3.5m people are still being denied recognition.
An though two English cities of Bristol and Sheffield have offered much sought for recognition the United nations says it cannot do so until the African Union opens the gates
Will the world follow the example set by the two UK cities and open gates to the international recognition of SomalilandBut how can Somaliland convince its troubled neighbour and the African Union thus follow the example set by the two UK cities?
This quandary is queried by Press TV ” in an Africa Today” program hosted by Henry Bonsu with an on studio panel composed of Eid Hasan Muse director of West London Somaliland community , Abdiaziz Hildibaan author and commentator on Somali affairs and on the line from South Africa Prof Abdi Ismail Samatar history lecturer from the University of Minnesota
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Despite a two decades elusive quest Somalilanders remian steadfast to their sovereigntyWatch Africa Today – Should Somaliland win international recognition? (P.1)