Somaliland: Granting Public Water Utilities Management to Cartels is an Exercise in Futility


sanitation for many residents of Hargeisa and Somaliland at large is made difficult by water scarcity

Somalilandsun – For many residents of Hargeisa, Somaliland’s capital, accessing clean water is a daunting task: that involves long distance walks to fetch or payment of larger amounts to privateers for supply of the commodity and as a result of the water scarcity Sanitations don’t exist.

In the meantime the Hargeisa water agency is increasing water production but this will ultimately prove baseless since its main donors of the EU and Somaliland government are planning to privatize the water utilities.

Water should not be traded as commodities like oil and gas because accessing to clean water is a survival for many African children. And that it is bad for Somaliland, especially for the poor and the children. Because accessing clean water improves hygiene, human development, and economic growth; in addition, it’s also prevents adults and children from diseases like diarrhea, cholera and polio argues Ali Mohamed of Lewis Center, Ohio in a piece titled Water Cartel is Bad for Somaliland

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