Somaliland: Is it too Late?


Will Rhetorical Reshuffle Ever Return The Vanishing Somaliland Back To Track? Or it is just too late?

By Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye

Somalilandsun – More than two years of misrule , unprecedented scale of corruption, sharp decline of security ,and erosion of former president’s diplomatic legacy , will minor, symbolic promoting , and demoting of some ministers substantially pause the deteriorating situation let alone reverse it while president’s co-clannish ministers remained in his cabinet unaffected even by the joke reshuffle?

Due to aged resultant illnesses of dementia or the “simple stroke” reported by the Indian Ocean Newsletter, the president is confirmed not able to fulfill his presidential constitutional obligations, the Atlantic Council erroneous speech by the president of asking how many women ministers included in his government has horrified the American and Somali audiences alike! However; his “liar machine’s” quick response was utterly more ridiculous “two full time women ministers” Dr Abdilahi Omar has uttered, speaking in Somali just to fool American gentlemen. Is there a part-time minister? He probably reminiscing of his part-time odd jobs in both the Netherlands and the UK but, at the least, the declaration of his forced relocation yesterday to back seat is good enough for the time being.

Dementia and other illnesses are not stigma but being in state of denial made them so, Some US presidents had Alzheimer’s diseases, but that was when they left the office. Will his friendly nurses who act like ministers, however, come forward and declare the president is going to retire for health purpose or the denial will goes on in order to use him as rubber stamp for ulterior motives? Taking him to Hargaisa Stadium and receiving him with booing by the fans had embarrassed his coterie but the Tima Cadde Basketball’s self-laughter and Hirsi’ accompanying him fake smiles and clapping made president funny.

The last elections from presidential to municipal have ruined the country; in comparing the two administrations, everyone in the past regime was more qualified and zero-criminal record than the ones we have in Silanyo’s ineffective administration, for instance, Abdilahi Ducale, former minister has done a great job while his successor has confused us with his cheap lies, and delusions “it is the first time.. or Mandaqadda…,” these nonsense statements will stay with us for years to come. He created fear, uncertainty among Somalilanders and caused Somaliland to lose her few friends in the international arena and at the last; he equated this great nation with Hubin Iyo Heeb, online self-declared clannish entity which has no authority on the ground and other tribal counties that fall under Shiekh Hasan’s weak government. Nonetheless; the president Silanyo would take the blame for this failure as much as he would take the credit if he does good job which he did not.

So far, Somaliland public and the rest of the world are in state of confusion as they are unable to know who is leading Somaliland or who is following in the theocracy-style democracy where elections, small part of democracy is performed while critical articles like mine could lead his author to death never mind the president be accountable to the public who pay his salary.

The latest event of portraying Egyptian security personnel as Yemeni investors to the ailing president have left Somaliland intellectuals devastated and it was tragic drama! The publication of the news by foreign newspapers and Hubaal ‘s simultaneous newspaper’s translation led the government to hire criminal police officer to shoot the chief editor of Hubaal to silence him forever, but fortunately, he narrowly escaped the execution which the government orchestrated but only with severely injured arm. Hubaal, independent investigative paper that wrote the topic in details quoting from foreign reliable sources, was finally shut down by the Hargaysa Kangaroo courts which are in the pockets of the government.

Many ministers of internationally alleged with terror have been appointed in return of huge finance just to get legitimacy which they desperately needed to refute international terror experts who said they have close ties with Hawala money laundering, fake journalists of PR firms, and Al-Shabab alike. According to quoting Arusha Times, and local independent sources, Minister Hirsi has been implicated in crimes ranging from installing weapons on battle wagons to found Sharia-law style caliphate similar to that of Ahmed Godane during Riyale’s administration which he unsuccessfully tried to topple. In his interview to, online news portal, Mr Hirsi selectively told that he was a veteran Mujahid during SNM era and afterwards went to India to do IT crush courses to help his uncle’s enterprise, he totally left his suspicious life history which many analysts think would turn Somaliland into a playground for proxy wars and of which will put 1988 atrocities to shame unmentioned. Cairo intelligence’s arrival to Presidential office followed by Hirsi trip to Cairo in the past along with Dr Omar.

Above all, Somaliland incumbent administration pays lip service to Somaliland cause; the quite is obvious, dancing in Somali conferences and sometimes preaching to unfortunate masses like three year old kid that they were at the gate of the conference, not inside! They have multiple agendas from Unionist to Islamist. Ali Guray’s ,a deputy chairman of a national party, recent startling speech that all terror convicts are breeding here, flows from , and remobilizes themselves here have broken the lengthy silence which was the norm out of fear for their lives.

The emergence of tribalism and nepotism is not spontaneous but imposed by the highest levels of the government to divide brotherly people who were awaiting better change for four decades since independence June 26 when Great Britain granted bloodless liberty to Somalilanders who, after five days or so gave it to Somalia! But they soon womanishly frowned.

The less qualification you have, the more chance to run for public office, that is the case in Somaliland today, Jicir former mayor, UK trained civil engineer, has transferred a city he dried the bones to a street man. Terrific! What a Michael Bloomberg! Wow, what a capital! Next municipal elections, I hope internet and satellite channels from Somaliland will shut down to pretend we are doing great or Hirsi’s thugs won’t be there at the least.

After 22 years, Somaliland dream did not materialize, but why it did not work so far? I have no definite answer rather than blaming dickheads in the administration, maybe it is a dead cause, but those born in 1991 are married with many children and resorted to put their lives at the risk by going to other countries beyond oceans infested with sharks and during snowfall, for better life, in addition; Somaliland at the edge of Somali-style fragmentation needs messiah to save from the evil forces that have wrecked functioning organs of state inherited from predecessor. Since meaningless elections that brought the lame duck president to power, the dream to dream nationhood in lifetime has dashed. There is no light at the end of the tunnel. As a result, many working age people rushed to Mogadishu while others to Med Sea taking risks to reach Europe. In the years to come, elders or some retirees like Bihi Yonis , and children fed from overseas will be there amid brutal growing thieves to rob the money they received from the diasporas.

If recognition comes to Somaliland, the birthplace of all evil fathers including Godane and Ibrahim Afghani , at this time of hellish conditions where mullahs run politics, and politicians start their speech with religious tones of holier-than-thou and pay tribute to so called martyrs who died in attempt to slaughter innocents , of where the victims of Hargaysa suicide bombing are not allowed to publicly commemorate to avoid the wrath of some powerful ministers inside the government , of where convicts of Basmati rice are reinstated as governors for reasons only Hirsi knows, where notorious Red mosque-style mosques are flourishing while beneficial institutions are dwindling, what do you expect from religious thugs combined with amoral statesmen who are there only for their bellies and hyenas or lions in household yards and do not represent any even their blind-loyal tribes? What do you expect when academics of high caliber but short of moral values constantly shift from one principle to other simply to fulfill their personal wants and raise their kids? What do you expect from clergies of seemingly Allah-fearing import counterfeit drugs and send cash to mass murderers to hinder the birth of any effective administration in Somaliland/Somalia that would regulate health industry and yet they go regularly to mosques in advance of other innocent folks? What do you expect when so called mullahs preach you to send your children to Jinn-saar( outdated Rehab of low sanitation) centers for treatment and to stay out of infidels-run hospitals while they send their kids to the state-of-art hospitals in the Cross flag nations like the UK or Norway. The list is on and on. However; recognition is not a panacea for all problems. Somalia has recognition; the lives of the people are shattered by Godanites, fellow Muslims of distorted faith cult who believe in reaching heaven only by destroying the lives of others. What do you expect a man of Muslim-looking beard but hypocrite in heart rules over you? Somaliland’s Sufi Islam was replaced with “heretics” of wealthy cults but social hypocrisy never lasts long.

Apart from Defense Ministry, no institution in Somaliland from parliament to judiciary system free from nepotism and corruption. President’s inner extended family of in-laws and grandchildren are heavily involve wide-scale looting of the national assets but the anti-corruption committee are unable to do anything at the all because the first family threatens them via cell phone calls if they try to investigate corruption scandals that leaked to the international press. In a world where getting job is like pulling star out of the sky, the committee wants to be employed in order to raise their kids and has no choice other than to please the friendly nurse of the president, and the First Family distant relatives.

Since President Silanyo’s election, Somaliland became Somarabia, in Arabia, the one who tastes king’s food before he eats is the most powerful figure in the government. The art of bootlicking politics has developed very recently.

The most important thing in life is to have good life where basic needs are available at the click. No system or a cause is sacrosanct except human life or The Book. If system, be monarchy or dictatorship like Gaddafi guarantees better life for his citizens; then the system deserves to be admired at and defended at the all costs. Do not just be obsessed with mere elections of one man to another or one man of your hungry tribe has been appointed to serve his belly. Think properly. Then see the wider picture; what are we getting out of this reshuffle other than mere tribal bragging? Hopefully, blindly following may soon end.

Will the recent symbolic reshuffle and the inclusion of former UN retiree, Mohamed Bihi Yonis change anything at the all? Will he revive a cause already severely suffered in the hands of social interpreter in the Netherlands for women with unwanted pregnancies? Will Harvard University lecturer, Professor Ahmed Samater be included in the next meaningless elections as deputy president to represent the unionists’ camp of Jama Ghalib or Ismail Bubaa as well as his “hard-to-recognize or opaque”—according author Bashir Goth— tribal constituency of Awdal region in order Somaliland to have open-ended democracy rather than constrained one which Prof. Samater or his brother furiously protested Inside Story Program? Somaliland awaits creative people like late Prime Minister Melez Zenewi , who left his decent job, medical study, to change the lives of his people and joined naked death to liberate brutal regime who enslaved his fellow Ethiopians. What will happen when, the thousands of masses immigrating to foreign countries will realize the hellish conditions they experience are not act of Merciful God as the sycophantic preachers have portrayed, but it is the work of a mad man and aged ruler they wrongly voted for him.

Dirye is Senior Editor At African Edition Of the Democracy Chronicles at

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