Somaliland: Is it Ignorance, Arrogance or Both, Somalilandpress?


By: Yusuf Dirir Ali

Somalilandsun – I have recently submitted an article: Somaliland sovereignty is not for a Haggle. That article was published in Somaliland Sun first and then in many other Somaliland websites including Somalilandpress:

I was surprised few days later to see my article cheaply republished again in Somalilandpress withdifferent title, sham author and email address. The article was republishedunder a borrowed last sentence from my article: This time around Somalilandersare prepared to sacrifice even more to keep their well-deserved independence. .

I alerted the matter to Mr. Mohamed Goth, the editor of Somalilandpress through an email and asked him to either change the author’s name to mine or to discard the article on the whole. Mr. Goth sent me an email, where he informed me that the article was discarded. That was two days ago and Mr. Goth did not, in truth, discard the article. It is still there for all to read and on Somalilandpress. This is to say that Mr. Goth was mendacious to me and he is reinforcing the idea most Somalilander readers had about the malevolence of Somalilandpress since it changed hands.

Somalilandpress does not only fiddle with the hard work of others, but it also allows abusive and unethical comments against Somaliland to be published in its website, without giving any considerations to Somalilanders democratic will and rights.

There were 31 comments on the first publication of the article and 21 comments on the republished fake version. Astonishingly, no single commentator has paid attention to the republication of the article, but all the anti-Somaliland commentators carried on with their standard Somaliland bashing-tantrum and without the intervention of Somalilandpress, which supports a suspicion I always had at the back of my head, that is Somalilandpress editorial has teamed up and are snugly in bed with the enemies of Somaliland. Moreover, this also proves that the anti-Somaliland commentators read solely the titles without digging in-depth to the articles about Somaliland and then paste their customary irrelevant comments to demean the discourse about subjects close to Somalilanders’ hearts.

I have warned Mr. Goth and Somalilandpress, I gave them amble time to reconsider their action, Cut and Pastebut they turned a deaf ear to my complaints. Therefore, I’m duty-bound to take all the necessary legal actions against Somalilandpress, unless Somalilandpress publicly apologises to the
Somalilanders as whole, to me and bring to an end to its hateful media animosity against Somaliland.

I do not know if Mr. Goth and his Somalilandpress team understand the magnitude of their deeds and whether they are doing all this mess out of arrogance or ignorance, but I assure them that I have a long will and breathe to deal with them legally and effectively through the media outlets.