Somaliland: Is Don Samatar Back Home to Roost?


Prof. Samatar being welcomed by Hon. Warsame

By: M.A.Egge

HARGEISA: (Somalilandsun) – Outspoken Somalilander don Prof Ahmed Ismael Samatar is back in the country barely five months after his previous sojourn.

Upon his arrival, he was welcomed by the Minister in Charge of the Cordination of the National Councils and Assemblies Hon. Aden Ahmed Warsame whereby he stated that he would engage in more than mere tete-a-tetes.

“I thank the Minister and other leaders for their warm welcome,” and added, “I hope I’ll engage in detailed discussions with the leaders in the government”.

The professor who for the past two dozen years was a prominent personality in the over dozen international Somalia conferences shocked the world when he denounced the Mogadishu government and only expressed what SL expected him to do in the long run.

He declared that indeed SL was not part of Somalia (nor is now) hence that his decision took painstaking time, observations, experience and evaluation to come to realization of the truth.

Having been jolted to attention upon the Presidential election that saw the replacement of Sh. Sharif with Mohamud, the professor who personally was convener of some of the round tables and internationally cobbled conferences of reestablishing Somalia painfully, realized that Mogadishu was a playground for only the Hawiye and Daarood power struggles and had forever been so.

He thus resigned his parliamentary membership forthwith and rescinded his Somalia resuscitation belief.

Immediately thereafter he made a homecoming journey that saw the don who had been tagged as anti-SL spit-fire received as a prodigal son who appealed to all Somalilanders.

Now that he is back sooner than expected, his profile withstanding, it is worthy to wonder whether he has come back home to roost.

It is known to all that while back in his adopted US he did not tether himself to his lecture rooms but rather spoke in numerous platforms in the name of SL and for the course and cause of SL.

To a question he was asked by press as to whether he is here to work for the state, his answer left a major mark that point to waiting to come home to roost.

“Ask the President that question?”, he retorted.

For whatever reason he came for, however, the don has all the rights as anyone else.

He should be once more welcomed back and should be supported and wished well in all business and encounters he wants to indulge in.