Sahardid and Team Fundraise Unprecedented 7.5m USD


Hon. Sahardid left and Hon. Hersi Right

By: M.A.Egge

HARGEISA: (Somalilandsun) – The Erigavo road fundraising team led by State Minister for Finance Hon. Osman Abdillahi Sahardid (Adani) was warmly welcomed back home when they jetted in.

The road’s organizing committee chairman who is the Minister of the Presidency Hon. Hersi Ali Haji Hassan and his deputy Parliamentarian AbdirahmanTalyanle received Hon. Sahardid and his team which included Hon. Ali Gebiley (MP) and Sa’dia Muse Ahmed at the Egal Airport at 8:30 yesterday morning.

Hon. Sahardid told the press that they had practically crisscrossed major countries and cities in Europe where they managed to raise funds (with pledges) of over 7.5 million dollars.

He said that wherever Somalilanders lived in the Diaspora, they emitted emotional patriotism; a fact that was similarly vouched for and echoed by Hon. Ali Gebiley and Sa’dia.

They travelled to the UK, Belgium, Sweden, Holland, Norway, Germany and promised to intensify and extensify the efforts even further.

Hon. Hersi thanked them for their determined commitment to stay for several weeks and tirelessly doing rounds soliciting for the material support for the Burao/Erigavo road construction.

He likewise thanked the Diaspora community based in Europe who did their best to give in to both moral and associated material support. Another member of the road’s committee Hon. Ahmed Mohammed Dirie Nacnac (MP) was also present.