“Somaliland is a Regional Administration of Somalia ” says Kenya


As the Miraa trade saga turns most powerful quest for recognition tool

President Uhuru kowtows to Hasan of Somalia for Miraa ban lifting at an IGAD summit sideline meeting in Mogadishu

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somaliland sun – The government of Kenya accuses Governor Munya of Meru of usurping authority by holding Miraa -Khat trade discussions with Somaliland without permission from both the Somalia federal government and Kenya’s ministry of foreign affairs.
In a press briefing on Sunday, State House Spokesman Manoah Esipisu said that the Somalia Government interpreted Munya’s visit to Somaliland as Kenya’s recognition of the region as an independent state thus imposing the ban, now lifted of Miraa.
In his defense the Meru governor who is now battling for his political life after discussing Miraa trade with Somaliland officials during a trip to Hargeisa, told the Kenyan government to stop blaming him and at the same time puts its regional diplomatic policy to order

“Blaming me for the ban on miraa exportation is just a political ploy because the government of Kenya has had lenghily ties with Somaliland where it recently opened a consulate in the capital Hargeisa, long promised, before closing it with much haste.

With Miraa-Khat trade having turned very powerful tool for the recognition of Somaliland following the Munya visit and subsequent ban by Mogadishu, IGAD become the venue after leaders meeting in Somalia stated that somaliland was a regional administration of Somalia thence an integral part of the planned elections in the war torn country.
During the IGAD conference president Uhuru reeling from the Miraa ban implications to his country’s economy is known to have held sideline meetings with his Somalia counterpart, with sources indicating that Hasan promised to leave lift the ban if Uhuru reiterated officially on Somaliland being under Mogadishu authority
Authoirites in Hargeisa did not take the IGAD Mogadishu pleasing Somaliland bashing laying down for a meeting between president Silanyo and the national recognition committee responded in kind while reiterating the irrevocability of their country’s sovereignty and never to be reunion with Somalia, no matter the costs
“Nobody in Mogadishu has authority to act on behalf of Somaliland, a sovereign country which is not signatory to the New deal for Somalia thence not part of its electoral process” warned president Silanyo
For Uhuru Kenya whose country is also embroiled in a legal battle over waters with Somalia at the Hague there was no time to lose appeasing the authorities in Mogadishu and bingo, his spokesperson issued a statement accusing Munya of holding discussions ‘with what amounts to regional adminsitration’