Somaliland: Irro Promise Independence of State Organs Once in Power


Parliament Speaker Abdirahman Irro is contesting the Somaliland presidency in  upcoming polls on a Waqdani party ticket

By: Osman A.M
Hargeisa (Somaliland sun) National party leader who also doubles up as the speaker of the national assembly has hinted that he would ensure the three government organs are independent of one another with minimum interference once elevated to the helm.

In a short message ported in his Facebook page speaker Irro underscored the need to have independent arms of state with each maintaining a watch dog sole over the other.
The opposition party leader also enumerated the need for the government organs to work together while being independent of one another.
“This avoids situations where over reliance is bestowed to one institution to the detriment of the others” posted the speaker of the August home Irro also promised to nurture this independence of judiciary, executive and legislative once in power to avoid the occurrence of what was witnessed recently in parliament.