Somaliland: Irro Calls for Snap Elections


As the Wadani opposition party leader urges members of the ruling Kulmiye party to solve internal differences through the party’s Constitution.

Wadani Party leader Abdirahman Irro (2nd R) flanked by party leaders calls for snap general elections during an address to new party members in hargeisa

By: Yusuf M Hasan
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The president of Somaliland should call for snap elections earlier than the 2015 slated date.
The call was made by the leader of the Somaliland opposition party Abdirahman Abdilahi Irro during a speech to new party members in Hargeisa.
Irro who also doubles as the speaker of the Somaliland parliament said the power struggle in the ruling Kulmiye party pitting chairman Muse Bihi against president Silanyo is causing uncertainty among the public which is unpalatable with peace.
While urging members of the Kulmiye party to solve differences legally as per constitutional stipulations Abdirahman Irro said his Wadani party is against the destruction of any of the three national political parties.
Said he, “Wadani party urges Kulmiye functionaries to solve their internal differences clearheadedly rather than prevailing situation that is caused for fear among citizens who are worried in outcomes of prolonged infighting or complete split of the ruling party”
While attributing the Kulmiye factional infighting with explosions caused by an IED dubbed “Shaani” in the capital Hargeisa, Abdirahman Irro said if the ruling party cannot reconcile amicably then the president should call for snap elections to save the country for insecurity.
During the party function in which all top brass and hundreds of supporters were in attendance, new members defecting from other parties were indicted into Wadani.