Somaliland: Ireland Invalidates Mogadishu Complains Over President Silanyo Visit to Dublin


As authorities in Hargeisa inform that Somaliland is not part nor parcel of the proposed Electoral process in Somalia while warning that insinuations to the effect are tantamount to a declaration of War,

Preident Higgins of Ireland Receives Somaliand president at his offices in Dublin/file

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Differences between Somaliland and Somalia are issues internal to the two countries and the republic of Ireland is aligned to the European Union position namely that the issue be solved internally by the two peoples.

This was informed by the Irish envoy to Somalia Ambassador Vincent O’Neil in response to complained by the federal government of Somalia over a visit by the Somaliland president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo to Dublin last year as per official communication availed by Geeska Afrika newspaper.

“The visit by president Silanyo though ended in meeting with the president Higgins and members of Oireachtas-Irish Parliament the relationship of the government in Dublin with the federal government of Somalia remain as before the visit.

In mid September 2015 a high level Somaliland delegation led by President Silanyo upon invitation by Independent Diplomats a Non-profit organization was in Ireland where meetings with diverse institutions including the Irish parliament and Presidency were held and ensuing with detailed briefing on prevalent status in Somaliland.

Below is a copy of a letter written to Federal Government of Somalia by the Irish ambassador to that country based in Nairobi for reasons of insecurity in Mogadishu.

In the meantime the administration of president Silanyo and legislature in Hargeisa have vehemently denied any association with the proposed electoral process in Somalia recently agreed upon in Mogadishu from where a communiqué was issued detailing the framework in which Somaliland has been included as a regional state participant.

A statement released by presidential Spokesperson Eng Hussein Deyr informed that insulations from Mogadishu that Somaliland is and shall be a participant in the just agreed Democratization process that shall ensue with election of a two tier parliament (Senate and Representatives) that shall be charged with selection of a Somalia federal government president are false and never to ever happen.

“Somaliland is an independent country that is not concerned nor associate with the election process of other countries” read the statement while informing that the proposed selection of not only members of Mogadishu based legislators and president are inconsequential to Somaliland where a two tier parliament composed of Guurti the upper chamber and house of re[representatives elected through the ballot has existed for decades”

While reiterating that the sovereignty of Somaliland won through tears and blood is not only irrevocable but non negotiable as well the head of state urged caution on authorities in Somalia for his constituency shall not sit aside and see their hard worn independence put in jeopardy by politicians of a failed state.

Recently the Somaliland president warned Somalia against interferences in local security matters after a team of Khatumoist secessionists lead by Somalia MP Ali Khalif Galayd ensconced in parts of Buhoodle district with intent to foment warlike activities under orders from Mogadishu

The warning resulted in a beefing of security in the entire Sool region that saw units of the army supported by local Leaders among them Health minister Dr Suleiman Haglatosie forcefully evict the secessionist from the area without loss of blood.

Similarly members of the Silanyo administration also reiterated the caution for leaders in Somalia to deter from enjoining Somaliland an independent state in issues relevant to their country which they also unanimously wished a speedy recovery from its decade’s long status as a failed state while wising local citizens a succor from continued terror.

The Somaliland officials included the minister of information Abdilahi Ukuse and his deputy Ms Shukri Hariri as well as the minister of interior Mohamed Ali Waran’ade while the 2nd deputy speaker of the House of Representatives MP Ali Mohamed Yusuf added his voice as he stated that the government has full support from the legislature on the way forward as pertains to handling never ending problems emanating from Somalia authorities.

The somaliland delegation to Ireland

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