1.1 Organizational history

HAVOYOCO was founded in 1992 and since its inception; HAVOYOCO has successfully implemented different projects. HAVOYOCO learning from the past experiences decided to start development programs that would involve the beneficiaries at the grassroots and assists the nation’s reconstruction and development, endeavor through the long route process HAVOYOCO refocused and streamlined its projects.

2. Bid information

HAVOYOCO is inviting tender from competent and reputable contractors engaged in construction, particularly DAMS and Other water points to apply a bidding process of 2DAM in the Rural Areas.

Technical specification and dimension of the Dams

Village Dam/ silt trap Previous dimension Current deep and extension dimension Removing of accumulated silt measurement

1 Gumburaha

Dam A 80m x60m x1m 100x 80mx 2.5m 20000 meter Tan

1.1 Silt trap A 20m x20m x0.5m 20mx20mx1m 400 Meter Tan

1.2 Spill way A 50m x5m x0.3m 100m x 10m x 0.5m 500 Meter Tan

3 Yucub yabooh Dam B 100mx100mx1m 100mx100mx2 20000

3.1 Silt trap B 20mx20mx0.3m 20mx20mx0.5 500 Meter Tan

3.2 Spill way B 50mx5mx0.3m 100mx10mx0.5 500 Meter tan

3. Terms and conditions

The tender documents can be collected from HAVOYOCO office Hargeisa and Burco from 9th to 12th of December, 2012 but before that contracts should submit the following information ahead the assigned time. Only those who bring these documents can participate tendering process.

1. A valid copy of contractor’s s license from the ministry of public works, housing and transport. Company profile, indicating key personnel, their qualification and experience

2. Certificates or completion letters on previous completed similar works in the past years

3. Full address and details of contact persons

4. Timeframe and work plan

The bids must be sent in sealed envelopes clearly marked “BID FOR DAM REHABILITATION- HAVOYOCO” to the Admin coordinator at HAVOYOCO head office or Burco office NOT LATER THAN 16th December 2012.