Somaliland; Information Ministry Engages British Engineer


Eng Hasan Jama Abi at RH Studio 1By: Yusuf M Hasan

LONDON (Somaliland) – A British engineer from a London firm called Transmitters ‘R’ us, has been hired to go to Hargeisa soon, to repair the old 25 kilowatt shortwave transmitter (Brand name: ELCOR) which was installed at Radio Hargeisa about 5 years ago.

The transmitter, which never worked well because of a mismatching of transmitter to antenna, and has been off the air mostly, not working, for most of that period, is a lower powered transmitter, only one-fourth of the power of the new 100-kilowatt Chinese shortwave transmitter.

The old ELCOR transmitter, if working, should also cover all of East Africa nicely, and

Perhaps Europe and India, and possibly, though not too well, the US. Information is yet to be availed on whether Radio Hargeisa engineers are considering using it as a “back up” in case of future temporary problems with the new Chinese transmitter, or if the intent is to broadcast simultaneously with two SW transmitters on difference frequency bands.

Regardless of the ultimate aim, it is interesting news as it means that RH has enhanced transmission capabilities 24/7