Somaliland: Incessant Overt Incursions by Ethiopia’s Liyuu police goes on Unimpeded


Liyuu police in continued incursionsBy: Yumoha Pasha

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Regular incursions into Somaliland territory by an armed foreign security team is a serious threat to our nationhood

The shameless foreign army that is slowly assuming control of the country is none other the Ethiopian Zone 5 Liyuu Police whose continued incursions into Somaliland bode ill for all thus need urgent checking before things get out of hand.

The Liyuu police, a paramilitary force controlled by the zone five presidents out of the Ethiopian town of Jigjiga has on several occasions while armed to the teeth, crossed into Somaliland boundaries where it has perpetrated crimes that go unpunished.

The unit’s obsession with Somaliland is not confined inside the countries territorial boundaries but extends to Ethiopian citizens of Somaliland origin who have continuously suffered under the hated unit’s brutality.

Though Somalilanders, in despair, seem to have gotten used to the nefarious activities of the undisciplined zone five tribal police unit what itches them most is the relentless want to know is what and why the government does about the obvious carte blanche authority that the unit operates with.

A perusal of diverse heinous activities within Somaliland or against Somalilanders will shed a few pointers to the allusion by citizens that the foreign Liyuu police operate with the acquiescence of local authorities both current and past.

• The Liyuu police are currently reported to be holding in parts of the zone five Somaliland immigration officers Mr. Yusuf Osman Ali (Daayeero) and his younger brother. The passports of the two that had valid visa are said to have been torn to pieces by Liyuu Police Officers who also confiscated their duly registered vehicle. No reaction from the government

• The Liyuu police whose presence deep into Somaliland territory was attributed to providing the abductees with security supervised the release of four students abducted by gunmen in Buhodle district last week. No reaction from the government

• Local residents of Togdheer region repulse the Liyuu police after they try to abduct a Religious teacher. No reaction from the government

• A national traitor, Ali Khalif Galayd who is wanted on treason related charges is given a heavily armed escort by the Liyuu police all the way to from the Ethiopian border to Taleeh town in Somaliland (over 200kms) to attend a tribal meeting that declared a secessionist Khatuumo state to have been heaved from Somaliland territory. No reaction from the government

• Several deaths and injuries occur in Gashamo (Ethiopia) after clashes ensue in May 2012 when members of the New (Liyuu) police killed a tribesman who had tried to stop them from raping a shopkeeper.

• .on 23rd June Zone 5 President Pardons 43 Nomads of Somaliland origin all pastoralists from one clan, who were arrested by the crack Liyuu (new) police unit of the zone 5 on charges of engaging in disturbing the peace after they engaged other pastoralists on a water rights based water. The Liyuu police on arresting them had claimed that though they were not the original instigators of the water clashes, they arrived in the area from Somaliland thus support their clansmen during the clashes that had ensued after pastoralists from two clans in Da’awale area engaged in armed skirmishes after failing to agree on sharing water

• On 20th July Reports from Buhodle indicated that the Liyuu police entered the town immediately after the killing of an IDP whose death was occasioned by a spree of over 20 bullets fired at the deceased who was in a crowded place and by a man said to have been escaping from the Ethiopian paramilitary unit who apprehended him. The killer is thus still in the hands of the Liyuu police to date.

The list of Liyuu police atrocities against the republic of Somaliland and Ethiopians of Somaliland origin is endless.

At the same time, only the Gashamo incident saw a government reaction after it dispatched elders led by Abdi Warabe to help Somaliland traditional leaders with negotiations that resulted with the release of the 43 innocents and subsequent establishment of harmony.

Any incursion by an armed foreign force in another country’s territory without explicit permission is against international laws so.

Is the Liyuu police permitted by our authorities to operate with impunity?

Are the incursions of the Liyuu police related to the non-recognition of Somaliland? Or

Are the Liyuu police after a thorough beating that is long overdue?

This is for the government to tell before the ever patient Somalilanders run out of patience and take matters into their own hands and good riddance international repercussions