Somaliland: Hargeisa Unveils a Late Meles Zenawi Look Alike


The look alike & the real ZenawiBy: Mohamed Rambo

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Though Meles Zenawi has departed this world, Hargeisa residents continue to see him in the streets.

This vision of a deceased soul is because of the almost likeness between the late Ethiopian Prime minister and a Hargeisa resident whose only difference emanates from his youth.

The Meles look alike is a youthful Somalilander Mr. Mohamed Osman Haji Ali who has been nicknamed “Meleska Somaliland-“The Meles of Somaliland” by all and sundry be those properly or casually acquainted thus a popularity that has increased since the death of the man hailed by president Silanyo as a great and visionary leader.

According to various residents the prominent statures acquired by the man dubbed “Meles of Somaliland” is an indication that the cordial relationships between the two neighbouring countries will continue to bloom though the main architect is departed.

Recent debates by local residents that ensued after the announcement of Meles Zenawi’s death was equally divided on the opinions that relationship status will be maintained and a drastic animosity shall ensue.

The discovery of Meles of Somaliland and the smooth ascension of Hailemariam as Zenawi’s provisional replacement has raised spirits owing to the fact that the new PM is a known friend and ally of Somaliland.

During a visit to the Hornnewspaper the Meles of Somaliland, Mr. Mohamed Osman Haji Ali revealed that many people have been telling him that with a few touches he could have earned a lot of many as double to the late Ethiopian PM

The Meles of Somaliland who extended his condolences to the people of Ethiopia on the sad demise of their prime minister said that the death of the late Meles Zenawi is a loss not only to Ethiopia but to the Horn region and entire African continent as well.

The Somaliland Zenawi look alike joins other people in the world discerned with identical similarities to living or deceased leaders. Some of these identical have earned fortunes as doubles of dictatorial leaders especially one like the late Sadam Hussein of Iraq who had many doubles in his entourage.