Somaliland: “If Elected President My Family will not Participate in the Administration”Irro


“No member of my family shall be involved in state affairs says the Wadani party presidential candidate

L-R Senior Wadani party leader Hirsi Haji Ali flanks Somaliland presidential candidate Abdirahman Irro

Somalilandsun – Contrary to prevalent norms no member of the president shall be involved with government affairs if Opposition Wadani Party wins in the November Somaliland presidential elections.
This pledge was made by Abdirahman Mohamed Abdillahi ‘Irro’ who aspiring to the Somaliland presidency through a Wadani party ticket come November.
Irro who is the immediate past speaker of the Somaliland parliament, a post he exited mid this year in order to fully concentrate on his presidential ambitions in which he is contesting against ruling Kulmiye party’s Muse Behi Abdi and Opposition UCID party’s Eng Feisal Ali Warabe was speaking to a select group of reporters in Hargeisa.
“Apart from promising absence of my immediate family members in government and public affairs, all Somaliland clans shall be apportioned equal opportunity in my administration” said Irro stressing on he fact that if elected his administration shall negate the usual norms in the country where the president’s clansmen and women enjoy a superior share of the national cake.
“My Administration shall be established with respect to proper and apt norms of governing where appointment is by merit and not by clan” stressed the Opposition politician
Pressed by editor in chief of Geeska Afrika Media Group, Mohamed Rambo on the difficult as per current status to negate his immediate family’s participation in state affairs, Abdirahman Irro said “Our country is faced by enshrined nepotism and if Am truly serious and committed to changing things for the better then be assured that current negative norms are the first to disappear if am elected Somaliland president”
Stressing on the fact that he is the person seeking public office and not his family, the diplomat turned politician said that it always beats all when “family, relatives and clan members of the elected person turning into powerful officials in government.

“Forget my family and clan because if you elect me president of Somaliland only those meriting public offices regardless of clan shall be appointed”
For Irro this shall be a very tall order to fulfill since in Somaliland a democratic country just like any other in the third world, members of the president’s family and clan/tribe usually amass very huge powers within the state apparatus.
On his ambitious program towards drastic change in the manner in why public servants operate, the politician revealed that those assuming positions at all levels in his administration shall be expected to work the country’s common good as opposed to pursuit of personal interests
Queried by journalist Rambo on why he never criticizes president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo but never miss an opportunity to bash the ruling Kulmiye party, Irro said
“First a sitting president has his respect not to mention that Silanyo is a prominent Somaliland citizen and leader worthy of acknowledgment for lengthily service to the nation”
Stressing on the importance of protocols at all times even for those seeking public office thence respect for current holders, the Wadani party chief said that his criticism of the government are therefore directed at ruling Kulmiye party and not the president’s person
“If am elected it is the policies of the Wadani party that shall be used to govern thence the president is just an extension with oversight in ensuring not only formulation but apt implementation by appointees.
In elaboration, Abdirahman Irro said that at times the magnitude of government availed a president’s unseen loopholes for his surrogates to utilize negatively, adding that it was therefore imperative for members of the public to actively participate in order to ensure successful governance.
On eliminating domination of his clan in the administration, the Wadani party chief said that Somaliland being a nomadic oriented people , coupled with the diversity of environment thence difference in needs it was imperative that all clans be equally represented, “not just by anybody but those qualified ” in government
As he opinionated that the myriad of constraints afflicting livelihoods like inflation, corruption and unmitigated drought that plugs the country upside down frequently, is courtesy of a president filling, to the brim with his clansmen/women, Abdirahman Irro was certain that unless his administration or that of whoever is elected deters from nepotism, then things shall remain as they are now.
Said he, “public property belongs to the people therefore public servants have only one purpose to serve the general good and not that of a particular clan” adding that this is the actual foundation of a nation in which all are equals regardless of social standing, clan or political affiliation
Urging citizens to vote for policies and not clan , the presidential aspirsntn said that all those registered to vote in the November presidential elections should read the Wadani manifesto thence acquiesce with the party’s platform for governance if elected.
Queried by journalists Mohamed-Tirig of SAAB Tv on the oft practiced term extension by every sitting somaliland president, Irro said, “Just as pledged in the past I do hereby reiterate that never shall I pursue or effect extension of my tenure at the presidency”
Referring to constitutional stipulations that accord a two term tenure at the Somaliland presidency thence avenues for legal and elective pursuit of a ten year tenure, Irro dd ntnshynaway from wonder n on what one would accomplish from term extension that he or she failed to do during the legal term.
“If am elected president the two term extension made by the Kulmiye party administration shall be the last in Somaliland” said Abdirahman Irro while urging citizens registered as voters to vote Wadani during the November elections.