Somaliland Frankincense and Livestock Sectors Challenges and opportunities in the 21st Century


Tears of the Somaliland frankincense

Somalilandsun – stakeholders are in concurrence that Somaliland needs to be fully prepared to meet and sustain livelihood needs from within rather than externally.
This was the outcome of conference discussing available opportunities and challenges facing the Somaliland Frankincense, Livestock, agriculture and other sectors Sectors in the 21st Century
The two days forum that brought related sectors stakeholders together at the Spartan museum in Hargeisa between 7th & 8th of this month was organized by the Centre for Frankincense, Environmental and Social studies-CFESS in collaboration with Mount Kenya University, Hargeisa Campus.
According to Dr Kanadid Ali Hasan of the CFESS, the purpose behind the conference was to acquire a diversified view from sector’s practitioners prior to relevant studies.

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“We are in the process of conduct studies whose outcome shall be used to strategize on successful avenues of tapping into existing opportunities and negating challenges” said Dr Kanadid
Acknowledging that a myriad of studies on the various sectors have been undertaken the CFESS staffer was also centennial that application in strategizing and policy formulation remains equivocal
Participants who represented the relevant sectors were pooled from all regions of the country and the conference organizers stated their satisfaction with outcome which they promised to utilized fully in the forthcoming research.
While the Somaliland economy is livestock based, frequent import bans by gulf country’s, has resulted in communities in the west relying more on agriculture with those in the east turning to frankincense, though haphazardly thence the imperatives of a professional approach


Somaliland frankincense in Peril