Somaliland: IDP Fire Victims Receive Succor


Residents try to put out fire at the State house IDP camp Hargeisa2

By: Guleid Abdi Maher

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Victims of the disastrous fire accident that engulfed the state house IDP camp in Hargeisa resulting in the death of one, injuries to many and destruction of property have received assistance from the government and other quarters.

The governor of Marooji-jeeh region Mr. Mahmud Ahmed Jeeni-yare and his deputy Mr. Rashid Ahmed disbursed relief aid to the victims of the fire disaster at Hargeisa state house area .He received the donation from[ Somaliland Red Crescent Society]on their behalf of the victims and distributed it to the afflicted [IDP] families .

The aid comprised of blankets and food stuff; speaking to the press at the distribution venue the governor sent his message of condolences to the family and relatives of deceased Mr. Miriam Adan Abdi 53, she was the only person who died from the fire inferno. Mr. Mohamud also wished the 9 survivors a quick recovery.

He appealed to the business community in Hargeisa to support the fire victims to start up their lives again. In another development the deputy governor and Somaliland Red Crescent society head of disaster prevention Mr. Shuaib Mohammed appealed to international humanitarian organization to donate funds to the victims. Meanwhile the Somaliland Red Crescent society has reported about the damage caused by the fire disaster in the state house area where by most of the residents are internally displaced persons.

The chairman of Red Crescent society in Marooji-jeeh region Mr. Ahmed Isa Mohamud said the fire inferno destroyed 99 settlements which consist of Somali huts and corrugated iron sheets houses. He said that the cause of the fire is still a misery and investigation is ongoing. The Somaliland Red Crescent society and the city council of Hargeisa took part in the saving of lives during the fire disaster.