Somaliland: “I will Reveal Road Funds Account in Public Soon” Presidency Minister


Presidency Minister

By: Osman A.M.

HARGEISA: (Somalilandsun) – “We shall not relent in our endeavors of developing our nation & particularly we will not relent in our endeavors of infrastructural development”

The Minister of Presidency Hon. Hirsi Ali Hassan has shed light on the machineries & equipments received for the completion of roads construction in the country especially the Erigavo-Burao highway.

The minister posted the information at his face book page that read; “Today marks an epochal day in the history of our nation that deserves to be written with a golden ink for the retrieval of future generations.”

Mr. Hirsi acknowledged the receipt of the containers with road construction machineries and relied that the dreams of patriotic citizens are almost coming to be realized through infrastructural development & in particular the Erigavo-Burao highway.

New road works purchased for Erigavo Burao Road

The minister was also categorical that the receipt of the construction machineries as marking the first phase of the kits and disclosed that two mobile mini-asphalt mix plants meant for proper mixing of concrete stones cement & tar to be docking soon at Berbera ports.

The minister also promised to furnish the public on the bank statements of road construction funds account at Central bank, Dahab Shill, Salama & Zaad by availing a complete statement of accounts on Saturday this week.

He also assured to follow up on pledges made towards contributing to the venture.

Mr. Hirsi gave assurance that whenever the president & his Government promise to construct a road know that we implement our policies as we don’t trade in propaganda. He encouraged the citizens to take part in the realization of this dream by posing; “If we had initially promised to order construction machines, see it with your eyes & if the Government assured economic progress, then check the nation’s economic status at the treasury & if we had appealed for road construction funds then on the evening of Saturday each generous citizen shall be privy to what he/she has contributed towards this venture that is a shilling by shilling & if we had initially promised to start the construction work in two weeks then we shall do so till the completion God willingly”

Mr. Hirsi believes that every patriotic citizen to be contented with the economic progress so far attained and challenged the doubting Thomas to swallow the bitter pills of their own making.

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