Somaliland: “I Shall never Shave my Hair as long as the Kulmiye Party is in Power”-Citizen


Mohamed Ali Omer

Hargeisa (Somalilandsun)- A Somalilander resident of Hargeisa city has acquired a dreadlock as a mark of his demonstration against the ills he perceives as to have been committed by the ruling Kulmiye party.

Mohamed Ali Omer has gained prominence in the country due to his long dreadlocks he wears, having vowed never to shave until president Silanyo and the ruling Kulmiye party relinquishes power.

Two days ago, Mohamed Ali Omer held his three year anniversary event marking his decision to point out the strong opposition towards Kulimeye Political Party. This anniversary coincided just a day after President of Somaliland, Ahmed Silanyo hosted a ceremonial event commemorating the ruling party’s term in office.

Speaking to The Horn, the Somaliland citizen acknowledged for making such a public portrayal of disapproval, spoke on the issue. “A lot of people were shocked at my decision, a few years back, however those same people as well as many more now understand the reasons behind my actions and fully-support my beliefs. They now see, exactly what I saw then”, said Mohamed Ali Omer.

Mohamed Ali Omer, who is a member of the former ruling government’s party, UDUB, expressed a sense of joy for being able to celebrate three years of protest against the current ruling party.

Pictures of him could be found on Twitter and Facebook pages; and, one can notice the drastic change of appearance over the past few years.