Somalia: Mogadishu under Siege through Heavy Bombardment


By: Yusuf M Hasan

MOGADISHU (Somalilandsun) – Heavy fighting is currently ensuing in Mogadishu mainly around security service compounds.

While it is not yet clear who is attacking the Somalia security forces as well as the main base of AMISOM reports indicate that the said areas are under heavy bombardment whose confirmed damage so far is several serious injuries sustained by both security personell and civilians alike.

Areas that are the scene of the fierce fighting include Ex-Control, Afgoye, Saybiano Estate, Zope Junction, KM 4 & Sanaa Roundabouts, Bulo Hube Estate, Waberi police station and AMISOM base among others.

Though the gun battle is fierce the bombings effected by the attackers is the largest and most deadliest ever witnessed during twenty years of turbulence not only in Mogadishu but the entire country of Somalia.

While the identity of the attackers is yet to be confirmed suspicion is directed at the Al-shabaab militants who have been battling the Somalia Federal Government for Control of the capital city Mogadishu thus augment their current supremacy in rural areas of the country.