Somaliland: “I Fully Support the Sovereignty of Somaliland” President Burale


By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – “We ask the Hargeisa Administration to not only Recognize the state of Wamo, but support us during thistime of dirPresident Omar Bulale of Wamo statee need as we face attacks from Raskamboni militias “This appeal was made by President Omar Burale Mohamed of Wamo state in Somalia, who also informed that he fully supports the sovereignty of Somaliland.

“I have without any reservations supported the self-rule of Somaliland for the over 40 years that I have been in politics” President Burale told reporter Mustafa Sheikh of the Hargeisa based Saxafi (Sahafi) newspaper during an interview conducted electronically.

The Wamo state President whose intended country to be hived off from Jubaland/Azania is currently battling with the Sheikh Madobe Raskamboni militas in Kismayo said that the intervention of somaliland would help bring sanity to the current chaotic situation thus deter further civilian casualties.

Elaborating on the issue of his support for somaliland Mr Omar Burale Ahmed said that he has publicly proclaimed the righteousness of separation for several years during all the Somalia conferences beginning with the Arta one held in Djibouti in 2000 to the latest ones in Mbagathi Kenya and the constitutional drafting of 2012 in Mogadishu .

“My backing for Somaliland’s sovereignty is based on the fact that its citizens just as those of Wamo state are overwhelmingly pro-separation with Somalia” said President Burale

As he commented Somalilanders for the many achievements they have garnered in development, democracy and security within a period of 21 years without international recognition, the Wamo president said this is an act worth emulating by all Somalis especially the Somalia Federal Government-SFG in Mogadishu

Saying that the will of the people are difficult to deny no matter what, president Burale said that he not only supports the sovereignty of Somalis from somaliland but those from Djibouti, Puntland and Wamo etc.

On the issue of the on-going internationally sanctioned talks between the Mogadishu and Hargeisa administrations president Burale urged the Mogadishu authorities to desist from dwelling on the re-unification of Somalia as the time is not ripe.

For the Somaliland authorities who have been beset by SFG difficulties this is an opportunity worthy of exploring not only for the political mileage to be accrued but as a means of utilizing its proven home grown conflict resolution mechanism thus save innocent lives in the south of somalia.

“The SFG should first put its house in order thus match the strides reached by the Hargeisa administration before demanding re-unification.

In relation to the on-going controversy in the Jubaland capital Kismayo that erupted on Saturday and reported to have claimed a number of lives and displacement Mr Omar Burale informed that Sh Madobe the Raskamboni militia commander is about to lose the battle since, his powerful coalition that includes Barre Hirale and two others is in control of most areas of the port city.

Meanwhile the SFG has been accused of provoking the current differences in Kismayo as a prelude to the annihilation of Jubaland State.

press statement released by the Jubaland State Spokesperson Mr Abdinasir Serar, said that the Government of Jubaland State of Somalia and its peace-loving people strongly denounce the violence which anti peace elements along with Al-Shabaab sympathizers mounted on the night of 8th June resulting in the death of more than 36 civilians. This violence, the first since Kismayo was liberated from Al-Shabaab terrorists almost a year ago, is without a doubt encouraged and financed by the Government of Mogadishu.

The Kismayo authorities added “Instead of working with us, Mogadishu rather chose a dangerous course of confrontation and a renewed conflict to the detriment of the country in general and Jubaland State in Particular”

As it further decried the interventions by SFG the Jubaland authorities said “We regret that the Jubaland Administration’s efforts towards normalization of the precarious peace in Southern Somalia and our focus and determined efforts to defeat Al-Shabaab are now being undermined by design.

Meanwhile Somalia and Horn of Africa analysts warn that Somalia which has lately received international support after it was perceived as reviving from its more than two decades war is slowly slipping back to its recent status as a failed state.

After decades of war, Somalia is taking small steps toward recovery, but breakaway regions, rival clans and the competing interests of neighbouring nations are threatening its fragile progress, analysts warn.

According to the analysts the SFG asserting the authority of the central government — which until recently controlled just a few blocks of the capital Mogadishu — is a far harder task.

“In Somalia today there is only one federal government that is wholly owned by the Somali people, widely represented by all Somalis, all regions,” Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud told reporters this week.

Butothers disagree , including powerful militia forces backed by foreign armies with the worst flashpoint being the far southern region dubbed “Jubaland” bordering Kenya and Ethiopia.

Both nations have troops there after invading in late 2011, while this month several rival warlords declared themselves “president”, sparking anger in Mogadishu.

But the effective self-appointment of former Islamist chief Ahmed Madobe, one of the most powerful of the “presidents” due to Kenyan backing, risks opening a rift between Nairobi and Mogadishu.