Somaliland: Hungry Somalia Soldiers Go Amok, Kill Commander


Hungry Somali national army soldiers at the illegal checkpoint at Afgoye that led killing of commander

Somalilandsun – The Federal government forces of Mogadishu killed that government’s security chief in the district of Afgoye, 30 kms west of Mogadishu, on a wrangle over checkpoints the forces set up in and around the district to levy surcharges on motorists in order to live on.
celReports stated that the security chief, Liban Abukar Yuyu, tried to remove the checkpoints from his district to preempt armed clashes between the marauding forces and motorists using the road linking the district with Baidoa and beyond.
The two sides came to a head-on armed clash of Thursday evening in which Mr. Yuyu was fatally wounded dying in hospital shortly after he was checked in, a Wacaal news flash said