Somaliland: Human Rights Body Recants Support of Jailed SMS Lady


Suleiman Ismail Bulale of HAHRW“We have ascertained the magnitude of the offence committed by SMS lady Nadra thus the retraction of our support and campaign for her release” Mr. Bulale of Horn Africa Human Rights Watch

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The SMS Lady Nadra Mohamed Jama is guilty of the crimes she is charged thus befitting her Defence at a court of law.

The Horn Africa Human Rights Watch-HAHRW says it has withdrawn its campaign for the release of the now famous Ms. Nadra M Jama, dubbed SMS lady, after the body ascertained that her arrest and subsequent detention is in line with legal stipulations.

According to the Spokesperson of HAHRW Mr. Suleiman Ismail Bulale, the about-turn by his organization follows access to the SMS messages the lady sent to the presidency minister Hirsi Haji Ali who is the complainant.

“We have pulled back from campaigning for the release of the SMS lady after we ascertained the facts of her crime” Says Bulale

As per the HAHRW which in partnership with a foreign Human rights body accessed (from Simcard provider) the messages send by Ms. Nadra to minister Hirsi, the campaign for her immediate release had to cease.

In a press statement the Horn Africa Human Rights Watchdog based in Hargeisa says that the SMs Nadra M Jama SMS ladyMS messages send to the minister by Ms. Nadra that stretch from mid-2012 to early 2013 are of an obscene nature apart from being anti-Islamic and uncultured.

The HAHRW which said it had embarked on the campaign for release of Ms. Nadra without relevant facts asked the government to see to it that officials are more cooperative with Human rights bodies thus deter continued maligning of the administration even when it is in the right.

Despite recanting support for Ms. Nadra’s release, Mr. Bulale informs that his body shall continue to push for a fair hearing and access to visits by her (SMS lady) relatives and lawyers.