Somaliland: House of Representatives Resume From Covid-19 Induced Recess

Somaliland: Legislators Approve 2021 Budget by Majority Vote

Somalilandsun: The Somaliland house of representatives has resumed after a lengthily recess occasioned by Covid-19 restrictions.

Upon resumption on Saturday the legislators led by speaker Bashe Mohamed Farah were distributed the agenda of their 43rd session which has 12 main issues on the table among them Draft amendment bills of the elections law, in relation to voter registration and quota seats for women and minority clans which was first submitted in 2018, others include the regional and district administration law, and that related to the judiciary”

Of import in the 43rd session is the pending elections law amendment draft bill that encompasses the legalization of a quota in the legislature and local councils for women and minority clans

If approved the quota will see the six regions of the country nominate women to parliament as follows.

  1. Maroodi Jeeh region 2 MPs
  2. Togdheer region 2 MPs

iii. Awdal region 1 MP

  1. Sanaag region 1 MP
  2. Sahil Region 1 MP
  3. Sool region 1 MP

Currently only one woman Baar Saeed  is an elected member from Sanaag region  of the Somaliland parliament though  the 2005 saw two women elected but Lady Ikran Haji Daud  from Awdal region was deregistered in September 2012.

Similarly the much contended quota bill will also avail legal avenues for nomination of women to local councils in relation to council grade as follows

  1. Local councils- Grade A 4 members
  2. Local councils-Grade B 3 members

III. Local councils- Grade C 2 members

  1. Local councils –Grade D 1 member

With seven local councils graded A, 3 Bs, 11 Cs and 17 Ds  the  total number of assured seats for women will 83.

What is most poignant is that the approval by parliament of this quota bill which the very same legislators have denied for a couple of years is deemed an impediment to forthcoming parliamentary and local council’s elections.

According to the latest tri-partite agreement signed by the national political parties of ruling Kulmiye and opposition Wadani and UCID parties the parliamentary elections shall follow the model of the held in 2005.