Canada Added almost 1 million Jobs in June but still almost 2 million down from pre-COVID-19 Level

Canada Added almost 1 million Jobs in June but still almost 2 million down from pre-COVID-19 Level

Somalilandsun: The businesses started to reopen in June and Canada added almost one million jobs after the COVID-19 shutdowns left millions unemployed. Last month Canada added 953, 000 jobs in addition to 290, 000 added jobs in May, according to Statistics Canada. However, there are still 1.8 million jobs missing in the country that were there in February. Unemployment reached the record high 13.7 % in May and fell to 12.3 % in June. Bloomberg economists expected only 700, 000 jobs to be added. More than 50 % of the new jobs were added in Ontario and Quebec, the two regions reopening 378, 000 and 248, 000 jobs respectively. Every other province added a small number of jobs at least. British Columbia and Alberta are in the third and fourth positions adding 118 100, and 91 600 jobs, respectively.

Digital charter as the rescue

Canada’s Digital Charter is a document published in 2019 and is a roadmap for the development of the digital economy of the country. The Digital Charter focuses on principles such as equality and transparency. It aims at creating equal access to digital technologies for all the citizens, creating a transparent digital world that is safe for everybody. The work on the Digital Charter began in 2016 when the government of Justin Trudeau took over the country. The government will help the traditional economies to implement new technologies and will aid the digital industries to develop further. An example of the digital industry’s success is the collaboration between crypto and iGaming worlds. Before the crypto world became popular for international gamers, iGaming was booming due to Canadian light regulations. Three years ago the government allowed Canadian online casinos to accept digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, etc. It was a game-changing decision for both industries. The users from all over the world started playing on top Canadian casino online platforms only for easy money transfers via Bitcoin. The traditional money transactions that sometimes take days were no longer an issue for international users. Cryptocurrency transactions only take less than an hour. The online casinos also adopted other technologies such as facial recognition technology to ensure the security of their users, to prevent identity theft and the theft of account credentials. Another reason why iGaming platforms became so popular was that they offered a variety of gambling choices. In addition to the well-known games such as poker, roulette, slot machines, and others the users can also enjoy video games some of which are specially created for iGaming platforms while some are adaptations of already existing popular games.

A third of Canada’s foodservice workforce is still unemployed
In June 164, 000 jobs in the foodservice were added to the labor market, according to Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Survey. However, 400, 000 workers who had worked in the field before the pandemic are still unemployed.

Restaurants Canada, a non-profit
association of Canada’s foodservice industry, asks the government to change Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy Program and help the foodservice businesses to recover.

The Wage Subsidy program was to cover the wages of the employees for up to 12 weeks.
Restaurant Canada asks the government to continue helping the businesses as long as
there are restrictions and reduce the help step by step as the businesses go back to
normal. Only the businesses that saw a 30 % decline in the revenue are qualified for the subsidy. The organization is asking to lower the 30 % threshold. 2020 Economic and Fiscal Snapshot is the answer to the new needs of the businesses.

The Snapshot will encourage
rehiring and provide other kinds of support too. The Snapshot will also bring changes to the Wage Subsidy program.