SOMALILAND: Horn Drilling Intents to Avail Safe Drinking Water Nationwide


Somaliland ministry of Water development DG Abdirzaq J Nuur 2nd R flanked by company officials cuts the ribbon to officially launch the Horn Drilling and Exploration Company

By: Eng Abdirizaq Itaqile

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Director General of Somaliland’s Ministry of Water Mr. Abdirizaq Jama Nuur has cut the ribbon for a new water well drilling and exploring company with the capability of exploring and producing in deeper waters.

The new company equipped with a fleet of ancillary equipment including trucks, water tankers and support vehicles will provide borehole drilling and exploring services throughout Somaliland and the Horn of Africa region.

Horn Drilling and Exploring Company, founded by a highly trained youths with many years of experience in borehole exploration and drilling was launched on Sunday in a function held in Saba Hotel and attended by the Director General of ministry of water Abdirizaq Jama Nuur, Hawd region governor Ibrahim Haji Hassan, Hargeisa Water Agency deputy director Eng. Ismail Abdilahi Abdi, representatives of United Nation’s Food and Agricultural organization (FAO), Director of water department at the ministry of water, as well as company founders, distinguished guests and citizens.

In his speech, HORN drilling Chief Engineer, Omar Daud Ahmed, who has a strong track record in drilling and exploration explained the purposes founded for the company. “Horn Drilling and exploring was founded by experienced and foreign-educated youth with an initiative driven by an ever growing demand for clean water supplies in Somaliland and Horn of Africa region as a whole” Eng. Omer explained.

Section of Horn Drilling Company launch participants

“We felt we were uniquely placed to offer our people a more joined-up approach by bringing our experience and geology expertise together into one distinct drilling and exploring business stream – We are confident that there will be a leveraging effect with respect to our knowledge and expertise will enable us to step-up what we offer” he added.

Ministry of Commerce’s Investment Department Director Mr. Mohamed Mohamoud Awale who also spoke at the ceremony commended the founders of the company for establishing a much-needed company with the capability of exploring and producing in deeper waters.

The governor of Hawd region Mr. Ibrahim Haji Hassan who also spoke at the ceremony expressed his delight to see the establishment of Horn drilling by a well-educated Somaliland youth. “I wish to thank the young founders of HORN Drilling company and the company will take lion’s share to cover the growing demand of clean water in Somaliland” he said.

HORN drilling Chief Engineer Omar Daud Ahmed briefs participants during the launch ceremony in Hargeisa 2

The governor also promised that he will inform other governors of the country for the establishment of a new drilling company equipped with a fleet of ancillary equipment.

Finally, deputy director of Hargeisa Water Agency Eng. Ismail Abdilahi Abdi who also spoke at the ceremony said that Horn drilling and exploring company will add momentum to the nation-wide efforts of exploring and drilling new wells in order to address the growing demand of clean water in Somaliland.

The author, Eng Abdirizaq Itaqile is a journalist based in Hargeisa Somaliland where he doubles as the editor of Somaliland Monitor and Qurbejoog