Somaliland: “All Citizens Regardless of Clan are Equal”-President Silanyo


VP Sayli and President Silanyo pose with Gaboye female representatives at the Presidency in Hargeisa

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The minority clan of Gaboye has commended president Silanyo for continued intervention in issues pertaining to their welfare.

This sentiment was expressed during a meeting between president Silanyo and youthful members of the Gaboye clan at the Somaliland presidency in Hargeisa.

According to the presidential press office the objective of the meeting was to establish strategizes between the government and the Gaboye Academy for Development and Education-GADE on concerted efforts towards uplifting the livelihoods of the minority clans especially youths.

Briefing the president officials of GADE informed that since president Silanyo took over three years ago the clan has seen a measure of supported integration in mainstream society as well as securing the apt attention of the highest levels of the executive through appointment of one of their own as presidential advisor on minority issues.

“Although we feel as part of society following your efforts in integrating our community especially in the ranks of your administration we still require more access to educational opportunities to enable us complement your efforts” GADE officials told president Silanyo who was flanked by his deputy Abdirahman Abdilahi Sayli at the presidency meeting.

VP Sayli and president Silanyo C at the meeting with Gaboye clan youths

Other speakers from the Gaboye community mostly youths and university students who upon expressing their gratitude’s to the head of state for continued support urged for acceleration of employing in the civil service those of their community who graduate from local universities.

“With your, presidential support the sky is the limits” said the youths

A visible jovial president Silanyo who upon welcoming the visiting Gaboye youth and GADE delegation to the presidency said that his administration which is guided by the Somaliland constitution in whose tenets the equal treatment of citizens is enshrined.

“All Citizens Regardless of Clan are Equal in the eyes of the constitution and that is how my administration treats them”- President Silanyo told his visitors.

Informing that it was the obligation of all citizens to treat one another without discrimination the Somaliland president who urged for the discarding of traditional beliefs that are detrimental to co-existence promised to continue efforts towards total integration of the minority clans into mainstream society.

Apart from president Silanyo and VP Sayli other administration officials at the candid meeting included Minister of the presidency Hirsi Haji Ali, Personal assistant to the president Ali Ahmed Ali and presidential Advisor on Minority affairs Barkad Jama Hirsi.

This meeting comes a day after Gaboye traditional leaders led by Sultan Nassir Sultan Abdi Ismail issued a statement castigating the speaker of parliament Abdirahman Irro for the removal of a kinsman from the national Judicial Committee.

According to Somali traditional beliefs the minority Gaboye

Clans composed of Musa Deeriyo, Yibir and Tumal among others are considered impure thence their treatment as outcasts resulting in their relegation to menial livelihood chores like Barbers, smiths and garbage collectors to mention just a few.

Watch the Gaboye and President Silanyo meeting

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