Somaliland: Horn Africa Regional Environment Conference Concludes in Hargeisa


Somaliland sun – A meeting to protect and conserve the environment for countries in the Horn of Africa has just ended in Hargeisa. This conference which has been held in Somaliland for the first time was attended by 120 participants across the Horn of Africa region. The three day forum was held at Mansoor Hotel.

Occasioning the closing ceremony at Green Plaza was the first lady of Somaliland Amina Weris Sheikh Mohammud who was accompanied by minister of foreign affairs and international cooperation Mr.Sa’ad Ali Shire, minister of environment and natural resources Mrs. Shugri Haji Ismael Bandare, assistant minister of information culture and national guidance Mrs.Shugri Hariri, chairlady of Barwaqo Voluntary Organization Mrs.Khadra Omar Hassan and Horn of Africa environmental organization Muwai Shadad.
First to speak at the dinner party was chairlady of BVO Mrs. Khadra Omar Hassan said that “This is an international conference of great significance to Somaliland as many people from America, the Netherlands who are first timers to visit the country pledged to be ambassadors of Somaliland in her quest of seeking international recognition. I also went to the first lady and requested her to become the country’s environmental ambassador of which she accepted.”
The BVO chairlady went on to say that most citizens do not know how to plant trees and conserve the environment they are all busy politicking. She said “People ought to leave politics to politicians and instead work to improve the environment.”
The chairman of Horn of Africa Environmental Organization Mr.Muwai stated the importance of environmental conservation in Africa especially to Horn region and his experience in environmental matter in his country Sudan which he would readily share with other participants. He also talked about global warming as a consequence of poor environmental management.
Last to speak was Somaliland first lady Amina Weris Sheikh Mohammud who praised Barwaqo Voluntary Organization for hosting this international conference on environment.