Somaliland: Hirsi Refutes Alleged Involvement in Legislature Wrangles


Minister Hirsi

By: Moody Boodle

Somalilandsun – The Minister in the Office of the President Hon. Hirsi Ali H Hassan has refuted the allegations that the Kulmiye administration has corrupted the Hon. Members of Parliament on how to cast their votes.

Hon. Hirsi who also denied that while he was abroad he swore to dislodge the speaker of parliament Abdirahman Irro and sending threats to MPs on the critical voting said that his words were meant to define ( Waddani and Kulmiye ) political parties status on the matter at hand but was manipulated.

Said he “my statement never pointed particular persons or any other thing what so ever” adding that the accusations were all based on falsity and that the members of parliament should solve their wrangles without pulling in or blaming the administration or anyone else .

The grave allegation is said that the state is funding the Hon. (MP s) on corruptively on motive of driving their votes to their destination of interest which is to impeach the Chairman of Parliament.

In conclusion the Minister added” this is the work of the parliament it is not my job description, but I have faith in Kulmiye members regarding their vote” he added” you all know that Kulmiye supports the deputy chairman and that is all”

The political climate within the House of representatives which is Somaliland’s lower chamber of parliament has boiled to unseen temperatures forcing the elders of Guurti , the upper chamber to intervene resulting in a seven days house recess.