Somaliland: FCA Supports Strategies to Enhance Security in Sanaag Region


  Somaliland's Sanaag region stakeholders brainstorm Security Enhancement at an FCA  Sponsored workshop

By: Moody Boodle

ERIGAVO (Somalilandsun) – A workshop sponsored by the Finnish Church Aid-FCA saw At least a hundred people from different divisions of Sanaag Region plan and create a tangible strategy to strengthen the security status of the eastern Somaliland Region.

Participants at the FCA two day brainstorming workshop held at Sanaag Hotel in Erigavo town included Community development organizations, Government officials, Army officers, and Religious scholars, Justice Departments, Women and Youth.

The two day workshop will concentrate on the obstacles and reasons of security lapses and how to prevent them discussed the following points:

Section of FCA Sanaag Region Somaliland Security Enhancemt Workshop particpants

a. Environmental issues, charcoal and climate change.

b. Natural resources such as minerals, oil, fisheries and how to utilize their advantages.

c. The community and the police diverse views.

d. The less service of the Government institutions.

e. Corruption and the courts.

f. Women education.

g. Un-employment.

h. Poverty.

i. Illiteracy.

j. Interaction of Government and the citizen.

The workshop also looked at the ideology of the community in which the FCA aims to create a bridge to overcome these obstacles.

The FCA has also conducted similar workshops in Las anod the capital city of Sool Region.