Somaliland: Hirsi Haji Ali Succeeds Irro as Wadani Party Leader

L-R Hirsi Haji Ali and Abdirahman Irro at the Wadani party leadership handover-file photo

Somalilandsun: Since its inception a decade ago the Somaliland opposition party is now under new leadership.
This follows the ascension of Hirsi Haji Ali as party leader courtesy of delegates at the just concluded 2nd party Congress in Hargeisa.
Revealing the official handover the founding and outgoing Wadani party leader Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilahi ‘Irro’ Tweeted
“This morning I officially handed over the post of Chairman of WADDANI Party to the new Chairman of the party who was elected at the 2nd Congress on 15-16 Nov 2021, wishing the new Chairman the best of luck in the leadership of the party”

Somaliland: Hirsi Haji Ali Succeeds Irro as Wadani Party Leader
Hirsi Haji Ali the new Wadani party boss us expected to facilitate election of his predecessor Abdirahman Irro as president of Somaliland in 2022

Hirsi Haji Ali who is a firebrand politician is expected to steer party affairs as Irro concentrates on his 2022 presidential bid.
While this move follows wishes of the party’s national delegates the status of long serving de-facto Wadani party boss MP Jirde who has for a number of years been shadowing Irro remains in doubt.

L-R Wadani party presumptive candidate for Somaliland President and former defacto Party chairman MP Abdiqadir Jirde are close political allies-file photo