Somaliland: Help Resettle by Restocking Pastoralists, Sultan Hirey appeals


Somaliland traditional leader Sultan Yusuf Muhummed Hirey

By M.A. Egge
Somaliland sun – The national spokesperson of the traditional leaders Sultan Yusuf Muhummed Hirey has made a passionate appeal to the government to help resettle by re-stocking the Sabawanaag District residents “who have been rendered internally displaced by the long droughts which had completely wiped out their livestock”.
Sultan Hirey who spoke to the local media reportedly through the telephone fron Lebi-sagaal upon the completion of the first phase in the week-long registration of voters exercise which is going on thanked the area residents who patriotically participated in it and the NEC staffers who went about their duties well.
He equally thanked the security personell in the area who were vigilante.
Sultan Hirey said that since the populace were rendered paupers it was imperative that they should be aided such that they would be able to pick-up their lives before the famine struck.
Livestock Carcasses span the entire rural areas of Somaliland The FAO agency is currently indulged in similar efforts in the country, especially in the hardest hit areas of Awdal.