Somaliland: Heavy Rains Wreck Havoc in Parts of Eastern and Western Regions


Heavy rains cause havoc nationwide

By: Guleid Abdi Makhir

BURAO (Somalilandsun) – Torrential rains and strong winds have caused a lot of damage in Rayal Khatumo and Baki districts of Daad-madhedh and Awdal provinces respectively.

Government officials and members of the public in the 2 districts have requested the government and international organizations to intervene.

The Daad-Madhedh provincial commissioner Mr. Jamal Mohamed Hurre, speaking to the press said, “the storms have killed many livestock and displaced many families in various areas of his region most affected being Rayal Khatumo district”

Figuratively the regional boss said that About 185 camels, goats and sheep have died as a result of the heavy downpour, 105 families have no place to live, 70 huts have been carried away by the torrential floods. 10 houses have been destroyed and 4 houses’ roofs have been blown away by the strong winds”

While informing that no one has died from the storms Mr. Jamal who requested the central government to help in the resettlement of the people displaced by the storms,said most of them are suffering a lot because they have nowhere to shelter from ongoing rains and cold.

Both Daad-Madhedh and Togdheer region have experienced an increase in rainfall lately.

Children swim in flooded river banks in Baki district

In a similar development in Baki district of Awdal region in the west of the country heavy downpours caused a lot of damage on the agricultural heart land of the province, with the farming areas of De’enta,Horeye and Arawein in Baki district having experienced the worst. According to the mayor of Baki town Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Ateye who visited the affected district in a fact finding mission “Most crops have been destroyed by the floods”

The mayor who reported that Horeye was the worst hit by the floods advised the residents to continue works on water proof barriers to keep the water floods at bay while at the same time urging the central government and NGO’s to come their rescue.