Somaliland: Hargeisa Club to Re-open with New Services


By: Mo Ali/MedeshiVintage Hargeisa club 1966 Flicker

Somalilandsun – Our sources from Hargeisa have reported that the old Hageisa officers club is soon to be re-opened with a pub – spirits and beer sales counters with a dance stage . The club has originally been built by the British during colonial era and was accessible only on membership basis .

It was later changed into military officers club with limited access to the civilians by the socialist military government of Siyad Barre after the 1969 military take over . Lodging areas were also added during the early 1980s after the Somali tourist agency was given the lease to run the club.

After secession froHargeisa club - the main hall Flickerm Somalia , Hargeisa club was turned into a hotel and leased to the private agencies by the Somaliland government.

Religious leaders in Somaliland will object to the opening of a dance hall in the country let alone opening a pub. The only dance hall that had existed for months was located at Ming Sing near Hargeisa club but was attacked on several occasions by religious leaders with the help of the local police. The hall was eventually closed by the management of Ming Sing restaurant after continuous harassment and night raids .

Alcohol is prohibited in Somaliland although it is sold by smugglers through the out country in the black market . Most of the black market alcohol comes from Ethiopia while some legally come from Djibouti for NGOs , diplomatic missions and the elites.

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