Somaliland Congratulates Ethiopians on the Anniversary of 22 years after Dictatorship


Ethio Sl flags“We wish Ethiopians the best and many happy, fruitful democratic returns” –President Silanyo

By: Nassir Yusuf Dahir (Nassir Naska)

Somalilandsun: The people and government of Ethiopia have been congratulated on the 22nd anniversary of freedom from tyranny.

The president H.E Ahmed Mohamed Mahmud Silanyo on his behalf, that of the government and people of Somaliland has extend a message congratulations to Ethiopia as the country celebrates 22 years since the collapse of the Dirge regime of Colonel Mengistu Haile Mariam.

“On this auspicious day of 28th May 2013 when you, our friendly Ethiopian neighbours and brothers and sisters, celebrate the 22nd Anniversary of the collapse of Dirge regime, we the people of Somaliland extend our congratulations and best wishes for many returns” wrote president Silanyo

On the 28th May 1991 the Ethiopian people managed to wrestler control of their country from the Dirge dictatorship of Colonel Mengistu Haile Mariam who subsequently escaped to Zimbabwe where he currently resides.

The head of state who termed Ethiopia as one of the main friends of the yet to be recognised Somaliland said that his country which enjoys cordial bi-lateral relations with its neighbours hopes that the status quos shall not only prevail but be strengthened upon.

Ethiopia and Somaliland which share a common border have extensive arrangements in the field of security, trade, diplomacy etc.

Ethiopia is also the only country with a fully-fledged diplomatic presence in Hargeisa where General Berhe Tesfaye acts as ambassador.

It also made Somaliland proud after Prime Minister Desalegn public proclaimed his country’s support for the being of Somaliland, calling it, somaliland, one of its main allies in the Horn region during a speech to his parliament on the 18th of May 2013, a date that coincided with this country’s commemorations of its 22nd independence anniversary.

The Ethiopian declaration of its readiness to intervene militarily if Somaliland is threatened has raised a hue and cry from the Somalia federal government in Mogadishu that is also showing fears of the military muscle displayed nationwide on 18th May to the extent of claiming that the military ordnance and personnel were Ethiopians.

The writer Nassir Yusuf Dahir (Nassir Naska) is the personal secretary to the Somaliland presidential spokesperson who is currently acting for his on abroad official visit boss-editor