Somaliland hails Kenyan reconciliatory move by Uhuru and Odinga


Somalilandsun- The government of Somaliland has hailed the Kenyan gesture of reconciliation depicted by former bitter rivals President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and opposition Chief Rt. Hon. Raila Amollo Odinga whose post-elections differences threatened to tear the country apart and disintegrate it completely.

In a tweeter message by the VP H.E. Adirahamn Abdillahi Ismael Seyli’I the Kenyans were praised for the bold move taken by both leaders to bury their hatchets and start a new chapter of a new life for the Kenyan populace hence termed the gesture as an epitome of patriotic maturity.

The Vice President noted that the conciliatory overture was characteristic to Somaliland’s home-grown reconciliatory tradition that has earned it unfathomed glowing tributes from the world over.

H.E. Abdirahman Seyli’i pointed out that wherever elections took place it was merely a race as in normal competitions hence it should never be seen as enmity.

Somalilanders have been witnessing conciliatory moves that reconciled competing forces in past electioneering process whereby leaders decided, more than once, to put into consideration the plight of the people and the nation before theirs.

The VP said it is in thus in similar context that the Kenyan leaders who were bitter foes came together to chart a new future.

He added that it was high time that our Kenyan brothers and Africans at large forged together and put their differences aside for the prosperity of the continent.

This wonderful spirit of reconciliation is an art locally mastered which Somaliland stark out ahead of the rest of the developing nations.

The Kenyan leaders came together on Friday in a surprise move that jolted Kenyans themselves addressing election fallout that claimed over 150 lives and putting the country in a brink of disintegration after a nine month long violent and chaotic quagmire that saw no anti-dote in sight.

Uhuru and Odinga have now pledged to unite their country Kenya

Messrs. Uhuru and Odinga have now pledge to unite the country which has been reeling over the worst polarization that the diverse communities in the country have ever experienced in its 54 year of existence since 1963 independence.

The economy of Kenya has been dented and battered whilst many western countries were holding their fingers on their hearts since Nairobi is UN’s epicenter in the continent.

By M.A. Egge