Somaliland: Haglotosiye Evicts, Forcefully, Khatumoist Galaydh from Buhodle


Galyadh and his khatumoist team (far left) scamper out of Buhodle as Somaliland police officers follow just to ascertain he is headed to Mogadishu via Garowe

By: Osman A.M.

BUHODLE (Somalilandsun) -The Minister for Health Dr. Suleiman Issa Ahmed aka Haglotosiye made an impromptu visit of his home town of Buhodle on Sunday afternoon accompanied by staffers of his ministry with numerous medical supplies and tools for the district.

Hundreds of residents waving green leaves and portraits of the Minister joined him before he entered the town on its vicinity while praising his leadership in melodiously composed songs.

Later upon entering the town, Haglotosiye addressed the crowd that came out in large numbers to welcome him where appreciating them for receiving his entourage wholeheartedly while at the same time underscoring the need to constantly consult with them in fostering their ties.

The Minister’s visit coincided at a time when a senior politician from his clan who doubles as an ex-PM and current MP of Somalia, Ali Khalif Galaydh is in a visit in the town which he was forcefully evicted from by supporters of Haglotosiye and staunch pro-Somalilanders.

It is contended that the Health Minister’s visit to the town is meant to restore its control to Somaliland given the huge armed escort he entered with coupled with the withdrawal of National Defense Forces some days after their occupation.

Authorities in Hargeisa have not yet issued an official statement as to what warranted the visit but the armed escorts were seen rooming in all vicinities of Buhodle.

Only time shall tell the exact scope of the visit but one thing is imminent: Khatumoists left the town with tails between their number elevens.

Watch the triumphant entry of Haglotosiye in Buhodle